Information system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Moravia Consulting

Thanks to the standardization of processes, the new version will bring clarity and, in the future, easier implementation of modern IT technologies.

Realization 2021

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Customer profile

MORAVIA Consulting is an international distributor of calculators operating on the market since 1993. It caters to its partners with comprehensive services and support. It provides distribution, localization, service, sales support and many other activities. The managed assortment is represented by calculators, spare parts and sensors of the brands Cubetto, FIAMO, HP, Rebell, Sharp.

After the end of support for the original Navision 2015 system, it was suggested that the optimal solution was to re-implement Microsoft ERP. According to the analyses, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central best suited the requirements. Despite the complications, which were mainly the short implementation time and connection to other systems, the system was successfully deployed and tuned for full use, including all integrations. We were extremely satisfied with the AUTOCONT representatives who were responsible for the implementation and communication of the project. They approached the project professionally and responsibly.

Ivona Hüblová

Managing Director Moravia Consulting

Baseline and project objectives

Moravia Consulting was operating within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 system, the support for which had already been terminated and there was a need to switch to the current version of the system. At the same time, over the years of using the system, customer modifications were made by internal resources, which were often not used or documented.

The system is used by two separate companies in the group from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

The aim of the whole project was to upgrade and re-implement the existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The main part of the activity was to implement as much as possible the standard solution and therefore eliminate unused and undocumented modifications to the existing solution. The new version of the system was to bring the possibility of easier implementation of modern IT technologies into the system. The aim was also to prepare for the implementation of new functionalities, such as integration with new business partners or the introduction of modern inventory management.


  • Removal of unused modifications to the existing system
  • Revision of business processes
  • Integration with other business partners
  • Adjusting the system to the current needs of the company
  • Creation of a base for further development of the company
  • Preparing for the implementation of a managed warehouse


Records of goods
The goods register is provided by the standard module of the system and is used for all stock items. Goods cards are manually filed based on the decision to include them in the sale. A specific feature is the transfer of goods cards to other companies to facilitate record keeping across the companies in the group. It was necessary to maintain a stock status display on all cards.

Sales processes are provided by the standard Business Central system. Agendas ranging from customer records, quotation and order processing, sales pricing to invoicing, complaints and inter-company document exchange are covered. The connection to Microsoft Outlook allows salespeople to streamline their work when communicating with customers, where a complete overview of the customer is visible, including balances and open documents. 

Purchases from production with longer waiting times as well as standard purchases from international suppliers are centralized and handled for the entire group by the parent company Moravia Consulting. Process-wise, it is again covered by the standard Purchasing module, including suppliers, goods records and purchase pricing.

The specificity of warehouse records is the division by company but also by physical location. The structure is therefore divided into main and external warehouses, service warehouse, claims warehouse and marketing warehouse. And also for the warehouse processes, the standard Business Central system in single warehouse mode has been used, except for the main warehouse, which is centralized for the entire group and purchases are made there. The system also handles the extremely important communication with warehouse partners.

Integration with external systems
To ensure smooth functioning of the company, it was necessary to maintain the existing integrations with third party systems like EDI communication for sales, linkage to external warehouses, webshop, RMA system for receiving orders from customers on a regular basis. The original communication with carriers was replaced by the AC Parcels solution for connection with the BalĂ­ service. Thanks to this connection, communication with all carriers is uniform and efficient. The generation and printing of the shipping labels is efficient and the efficiency of the dispatch of goods has been increased.

Finance and controlling
The financial management of the company is provided by the Business Central system in the standard version, from the balance sheet, asset records, bank records, cash registers and VAT, through received and issued invoices including reminders and penalties, accounting in inventory, payroll documents to financial statements and reporting.

Used technologies

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • AC Parcels
  • Jet Reports


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