Comprehensive ERP solution for Automobilist with Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS

The main goal was to find a system that would grow with the company and cover all the company's agenda from purchasing and warehouse management, through logistics and accounting to sales through various channels.

Realization 2020

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Customer profile

Automobilist is a global platform that offers motorsport enthusiasts authentic experiences through petrol-scented stories. The skilled hands of graphic designers and cutting-edge digital technology can capture the most famous moments in motor racing history, as well as events yet to make history, in posters and art prints.

The team around manager Pavel Turek, creative wizard Jan Rambousek and computer graphics expert Petr Milersk√Ĺ managed to impress F1 promoters and became the official supplier of the series. The automaker also works with many major brands such as Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren and Maserati.

The introduction of an ERP system was an inevitable step for our company. The solution AUTOCONT has chosen is essential for Automobilist's continued global growth. The main benefit of ERP for us is the ability to plan and manage company resources in real time, with all the necessary data in a single system base. This is a major change from the original solution. What we particularly appreciate about the cooperation is that it provided us with professional training and configuration of the chosen SaaS solution, and also allowed additional implementations of functionalities specific to our needs. The project implementation went very smoothly and everything was completed within the required timeframe of four months.

Petr Milerski

CTO Automobilist

Baseline and project objectives

The successful Automobilist project was looking for a suitable system to cover and anchor all company processes, from financial management to logistics. It promised to help with further expansion, as the existing solution did not sufficiently allow for system development and did not meet the legislative needs abroad, where Automobilist successfully operates. Of course, it was possible to connect to the e-commerce platform of the company's main sales channel.

Automobilist had several requirements for the new system, which were precisely fulfilled by Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS. The main goal was to find a system that would grow with the company and process all company agenda from purchasing and warehouse management, through logistics and accounting to sales through various channels. Of course, the new solution was to support process automation and real-time monitoring of all KPIs. The client also emphasized on fast implementation of the system including integration with the chosen e-commerce platform.


  • Thanks to the fully cloud-based SaaS model, the client does not need to use its own servers.
  • System development is easier and updates are seamless, so the system grows with the company according to its needs.
  • Deployment of the new ERP and integration with the e-commerce solution took just 4 months.


Finance and Accounting
Finance and accounting management forms the backbone of the business management solution. It allows you to efficiently manage general ledger, VAT, banks, treasury, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory and assets, across multiple countries and currencies. Includes financial budgets and cash flow planning including outputs and analysis.

Sales support and connection to e-commerce
Automobilist's main sales channel is e-commerce, so the entire sales process solution was geared towards full integration of the ERP with the e-commerce platform. The goal was to automate the processes as much as possible. Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS is used to manage customer relationships and contact records, it also manages the entire sales process from order receipt to invoicing. In the future, the system will also enable process support and integration of retail sales in Automobilist's official brick-and-mortar stores.

The Module solution supports the entire purchasing process, starting with the management of merchandise and supplier cards, through supply planning, ordering process, receipt of goods and services or invoice liquidation to the design of payments to suppliers.

Warehouse management
The basis of the solution for warehouse management is the registration of goods and their parameters, including pricing, as well as support for all warehouse operations. For example, physical inventory. In this part of the implementation it was necessary to set up transparent processes and reports to increase efficiency. Together with Automobilist, we are already planning a follow-up step, which will be the automation of order picking processes using mobile devices.

Used technologies

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS


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