Architects of Digital

We aim to become a major player in end-to-end IT services and digital transformation in Europe.


We are the digital pillar of your world

We look for practical solutions that make our clients' lives easier

Day by day, we guide you through the world of digital transformation

We are responsible professionals on both local and international level

Our values

Friendly Environment


Milan Sameš

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Martin Grigar

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Michal Tománek

Member of the Board

Ondřej Matuštík

Member of the Board

Jaromír Babinec

M&A Director, Member of the Board

Vít Ševčík

Enterprise Business Unit Director

Jaroslav Dvořák

MidMarket Business Unit Director

Pavel Šindelář

Microsoft ERP Business Unit Director

Karol Kubeczka

SAP Business Unit Director

Tomáš Rutrle

Digital Business Unit Director

Tomáš Strýček

Cybersecurity Business Unit Director

Peter Trajlinek

Slovakia Business Unit Director

Michal Šejnoha

International Business Unit Director

Miloslav Záleský

Portfolio Marketing & Partnership Director

Kristína Šmída

HR Director

Tomáš Ječmínek


Lukáš Texl


Petr Suntych


Luboš Papcun


Social Responsibility

We believe it is the duty of the successful to share their success with others. To steadily help and advise regardless of the circumstances. To help people in need, but also to help with core values such as freedom, democracy and culture in mind. To help not only with money, but also with our own work and our genuine concern for others.

We Are Part of KKCG

KKCG Investment Group focuses on four diversified pillars that guarantee a stable business. It concentrates on the lottery, energy, information technology and real estate sectors. The Group's business is based on respect, responsibility, stability and courage.