Building an internal portal on the Microsoft 365 platform for PNS

To connect all teams and the entire organisation, an internal portal was needed to replace the existing on-premises solution and streamline business processes by sharing materials and applications on internal websites and portals.

Realization 2020

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Customer profile

První novinová společnost a.s. is the largest distributor of press on the market. From more than 450 suppliers it supplies print, electronic media and additional goods to nearly 17,000 sales outlets across the country. It supplies the densest network of sales outlets in Europe.

Cooperation with AUTOCONT was fast and reliable. The required solution for the internal portal was ready within a few days and additional requests for modifications were solved within a few hours. The company's representatives were always friendly and kind and took an active interest in whether the solution we received was suitable and whether we were missing anything. The solution delivered met our expectations and allowed us to communicate and share information effectively within the company. We can highly recommend cooperation with AUTOCONT.

Drahomír Chvoj

IT Director

Baseline and project objectives

At the beginning of 2020, the planned merger of PNS Grosso s.r.o. and Mediaservis s.r.o. took place and První novinová společnost a.s. was established. As part of the IT infrastructure development, the company decided to deploy the Microsoft 365 / SharePoint Online platform and gradually build systems on this platform.

In order to connect all teams and the entire organization, in the first phase it was necessary to develop an internal portal as a replacement for the existing on premise solution, where it was necessary to streamline company processes by sharing materials and applications on internal websites and portals. The first newspaper company approached AUTOCONT as a long-standing partner.

After a basic analysis and a meeting with the company's IT management, the objectives of developing an internal portal were set, which should be sufficiently modular and would help in the management of the company. Above all, the collaboration software must facilitate collaboration between team members, so the solution must provide access to the same files, documents, meeting notes, etc. It was necessary to offer team members a space to create, share and manage information and collaborate on files.


  • Modern and variable system accessible from anywhere
  • Possibility of continuous modifications and adding more modules
  • Easy operation and maintenance of the system
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of the entire team


The enterprise portal solution is based on the SharePoint Online platform with Power Automate support and subsequent connection to other Microsoft 365 components.

Within the portal, basic structures have been built for storing and working with internal standards, forms, manuals and templates. Among others, the portal includes basic information for new employees, a section dedicated to GDPR and a module with company news.

According to the customer's requirements, an active phone book with direct connection to Azure AD was added with various preset filters for work, according to areas and job classification. The entire portal is further connected to existing internal and external parts such as IT helpdesk, company newsletter, attendance portal or food ordering. The portal is used daily by the employees of PNS a.s. and is in the process of being expanded to include additional functions.

Used technologies

  • Platforma Microsoft 365 - SharePoint Online
  • Power Automate
  • Azure AD


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