Sodexo Benefits uses AC Cloud services for reliable business applications

ARICOMA ensures reliable operation of the IT infrastructure and helps create time for IT specialists to work on key internal projects that support the company's business.

Realization 2022

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Customer profile

Sodexo Benefity is a European leader in the provision of employee benefits such as meal vouchers, leisure activities, gift vouchers, educational programmes and corporate events. The company was founded in 1966 in France and today has offices all over the world, including the Czech Republic, where it has been operating since 1992. Sodexo focuses on innovation and digitalization of its services, promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

Since we always work with the best and most reliable, AUTOCONT was the obvious choice for us. We chose the flexible AC Cloud environment for a secure and, most importantly, fast migration of our IT infrastructure.

Pavel Mašek

IT & Operations Director

Baseline and project objectives

The customer needed to address the situation of ending support for their own servers and at the same time they were about to move to new office and operational premises, including a datacentre. Sodexo's IT department was overloaded due to the time-consuming nature of managing the IT infrastructure. The client was looking for a partner to provide the server infrastructure as a service and required, also due to upcoming audits, TIER III datacenter standards with geographical redundancy of stored data and a guarantee of failover.

At the same time, he wanted to be able to continuously scale up individual components of the operation within hours, move 1:1 applications to the cloud without the need for refactoring and maintain the existing architecture. Also important to them was the gradual migration of the entire environment without impacting the organization's operations and business activities.


  • Freeing up IT department time
  • Gaining space for IT projects directly supporting the business - e.g. Apple Pay integration for Sodexo meal and benefit cards
  • Reducing overall IT infrastructure costs and making them predictable
  • Ability to increase individual components of IT operations as needed
  • 24 x 7 x 365 service support


As part of the selection of a suitable service provider, the customer compared solutions from several local and global cloud providers. Due to the operation of legacy applications, the solutions of local providers came out significantly better economically. Parameters such as the quality of the offered technologies, the simplicity and transparency of the offer and the overall price of the solution decided that the customer finally chose our services,

We designed a professional hybrid cloud infrastructure solution that exactly matched the customer's needs. The customer now uses AC Cloud services built on advanced enterprise technologies such as Cisco UCS and others with the environment running in DC TTC Teleport and DC Tower datacenters. The services are completely in high availability. Most of the customer's operational and business applications now run on our cloud services.
We provided the customer with a seamless migration of their existing IT operations to our cloud environment such that there was no disruption to the company's operations during the migration. By creating homogeneous environments, it was easy to migrate individual systems in stages without the need for downtime and bump migration.

Used technologies

  • Cloud infrastructure with Cisco UCS technologies
  • AC Cloud vPDC Services
  • Virtix Operational Portal


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