IT infrastructure and key applications in the cloud for CSA

Thanks to the use of cloud services, the costs of administration of the entire it environment have been significantly reduced. All this with high availability, speed of deployment and administration of services in Office 365.

Realization 2016

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České aerolinie a.s. is a modern airline with more than 90 years of tradition. As the flag carrier of the Czech Republic, CSA is one of the five oldest airlines in the world. It is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the SkyTeam alliance.

Flexibility, optimal cost, operation and integration of all IT systems. These were CSA's three main objectives when moving to cloud technology. After implementing the cloud solution, there was a significant acceleration in the delivery of products to the market and a considerable competitive advantage. We also see the multi-regionality of the cloud as an additional benefit, which allows it to get closer to the client on the one hand and on the other hand guarantees high availability of systems and secure data storage.

Juraj Liška


Baseline and project objectives

The company České aerolinie a.s. operated its main applications at the parent company Český aeroholding a.s. After a change in ownership structure, the two companies were gradually separated and České aerolinie decided to build its own infrastructure based on Microsoft products. They chose AutoCont CZ as a supplier, which has become a key IT partner for Czech Airlines, as it is responsible for the delivery of Microsoft contracts and also carries out the delivery of the infrastructure part.


  • Significant reduction in the cost of administration of the entire IT environment thanks to the use of cloud services
  • High availability, speed of deployment and administration of services in Office 365


AUTOCONT comprehensively secured the IT infrastructure and application base of Czech Airlines on the basis of Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Within the project, a number of environments were implemented to run key customer applications in cloud mode. End device support as well as the application base are implemented on the basis of MS Office 365 products.

AUTOCONT also provides the implementation of the infrastructure, down to the level of data networks, including the server network. The entire project is subsequently implemented by AUTOCONT and Microsoft Services.

In the context of the transition of the infrastructure to cloud operation, the highest priority was the immediate availability of information from MS Azure for the local needs of CSA. To meet these needs, the internet link was strengthened using MS Azure express route technology. With this step, the customer achieved high availability of the Internet connection to the Azure Amsterdam data center and sufficient response from key systems for internal operations.

For the operation of the mail server, the customer uses Office 365 technology, specifically Exchange Online in the current version. The great advantage of this solution is the high availability, speed of deployment and administration of services in Office 365. An integral part of the Office 365 E3 plan is Office ProPlus for internal employees with the advantage of installation on multiple user devices. For users who do not use Office to its full potential, the alternative plan is Office 365 E1 with Office Online. Both Office 365 plans also allow hybrid use of other Microsoft technologies.

Used technologies

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365 E3
  • Office 365 E1
  • EMS (Enterprise Mobility Suite)


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