HPE GreenLake services ensure reliable operation of Ptáček - velkoobchod

For the operation of critical IT infrastructure, we designed a reliable solution in the form of a service where the customer gained cloud-like flexibility while placing the technology in their own datacenter.

Realization 2022

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Customer Profile

Ptáček - velkoobchod, a.s., is a Czech company with dynamic growth and ambitions. As the largest specialist wholesaler in the fields of HEATING - GAS - WATER - ENGINEERING NETWORKS - SANITA, it has been operating on the market since 1992. It presents its extensive range of products and services in an ever-expanding portfolio of branches across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Ptáček - velkoobchod, a.s. prides itself on its complete product range, nationwide coverage and professional sales service, which are essential attributes leading to its dominant position as a market leader.

In a time of challenging IT infrastructure delivery deadlines, the HPE GreenLake service concept helped us ensure that new technologies were deployed on time so that the critical IT infrastructure for our business network operations was covered by the necessary support contract. The new technologies provide assurance of rapid business recovery in the event of security incidents or other events, which is important to our business. The fact that we did not have to draw down capital funds for the new technology was also of interest to our owners.

Michal Hudák

IT Director

Baseline and project objectives

Ptáček - velkoobchod has been using HPE 3PAR disk arrays as a key part of its IT infrastructure since 2015. However, with time running out and the average lifespan of this technology coming to an end, it was necessary to consider the next step forward.

The customer was tackling an IT infrastructure technology refresh project at a time of critical hardware shortages due to broken supply and demand chains in the market. Based on our in-depth consultation as well as our proposal, Ptacek - velkoobchod decided to make a technology transition to run their IT infrastructure through HPE GreenLake's innovative services. Even in this challenging time, HPE was able to prioritize the delivery of technology with a new support contract thanks to the concept of the services, thus ensuring the guarantee of reliable operation of the customer's business applications.

The newly delivered HPE Alletra 9060 disk array offers high flexibility in terms of capacity scaling up or down through the GreenLake platform. This solution thus promises to keep pace with the continuous growth and development of Ptáček - velkoobchod and ensure its competitiveness in the future.


  • Accelerated acquisition and deployment of IT technologies.
  • Multiply increased performance thanks to new processors and high availability of all-flash disk arrays using data reduction mechanisms (deduplication, compression).
  • Increased resilience of critical IT infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Instead of a one-time investment in hardware, monthly payments only for actual performance used.
  • Transparent and predictable costs for 5 years of operation.
  • High flexibility and easy scalability of the solution - there is still a 20% margin for scaling performance needs within the delivered solution.
  • AI-driven analytics to prevent outages and help optimize disk array performance.

Solution description

Newly delivered HPE technologies in the form of GreenLake services have provided customers with much-needed assurance of support for critical infrastructure operations so that they have guaranteed service for unexpected situations. Another effect is a multi-fold increase in the speed of the corporate storage and recovery system and therefore a greater sense of security in unexpected situations. For the customer's business and operations, every hour of non-functioning systems represents a huge loss. The added value of the solution is also a 20% margin for scaling performance needs.

As a top-certified HPE partner, we were able to co-design with HPE specialists the appropriate mix of GreenLake services, complemented by in-house experts to support the migration of data from the old environment to the new.

The GreenLake platform gives the ability to have visibility of existing costs and consumption, which can be optimized according to current needs. As a result, the customer then only pays for the performance they actually use. In addition, with InfoSight, they get predictive and proactive analytics driven by artificial intelligence to prevent outages and optimize performance.

Used technologies

  • HPE Alletra 9060 all-flash disk arrays
  • HPE SN6600B SAN switches
  • HPE GreenLake services


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