Aricoma completes the rebranding by renaming the last companies

Prague, January 2, 2024 – Aricoma, a leader in enterprise IT in the Czech and Slovak markets, has completed the rebranding process. Autocont and Internet Projekt adopted the name Aricoma as of 1 January 2024. All parts of the company will now operate under one name Aricoma.

The legendary Autocont was at the beginning of the IT market in what was then Czechoslovakia in 1990. At the beginning of the millennium, the company began to focus its business on complex enterprise services. In 2017, it became a core element of the technology pillar of the KKCG investment group. Internet Projekt has been providing expert services in e-commerce and web application development for more than twenty years.

“I have been associated with Autocont since its inception and we still work in the company with several colleagues and dare I say friends from the early days of our business. We have further development and ambitious goals ahead of us under the new brand. I am confident that with our team of people, professionals at the top level, we will be able to achieve them,“ said Martin Grigar, one of the co-founders of Autocont and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Aricoma.

“Representing the unified Aricoma brand will not only help us in our potential expansion to other markets, but we firmly believe that it will also help us at home. It will make us more understandable to our customers and partners in the commercial and public sectors and will also allow us to better leverage our unique experience across the entire enterprise IT sphere,“ added Aricoma’s CEO Milan SameŇ°.

Earlier, in autumn 2023, the brand Aricoma has already been adopted by AEC (cyber security), Komix and CES EA (software applications for the public sector), and Autocont International, the company's Belgian subsidiary. Last year's acquisitions – SAP experts Sabris Consulting and Consulting 4U, and public sector custom software developer SYSCOM Software – will follow later.

About Aricoma

Aricoma offers services in IT infrastructure, cloud, enterprise applications, cyber security, public sector digitalization, and systems integration, with a portfolio also including major projects for the European Union institutions in Brussels and Luxembourg. In addition to the rebranded companies, Sabris Consulting, Consulting 4U, and SYSCOM Software also belong under the Aricoma. Aricoma is part of the technology pillar of the KKCG investment group, employs more than 1,500 professionals and has revenues of over EUR 320 million. For more information, please visit

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