Ensuring business continuity of central storage for key E.ON Group systems in the Czech Republic

The modernization of the ECM system on the OpenText platform for E.ON increased the efficiency of document management, provided integration with key systems such as SAP and improved the quality of services provided.

Realization 2023 - so far

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Customer Profile

E.ON is a major and dominant supplier of electricity and natural gas to households, small and large businesses, municipalities and cities. It also offers specialised energy solutions. It delivers electricity and gas to more than 1.1 million customer sites across the Czech Republic.

We chose Sabris Consulting, now Aricoma, after long and unsuccessful negotiations with the original supplier. Onboarding colleagues into project activities and operational support was not easy. I was honestly concerned about delivery delays and complications with the operation of the entire ECM ecosystem. From my perspective, everything was managed without any complications in both areas, for which I have to thank the entire team.

We are now continuing to develop ECM solutions, reworking the original implementations that either no longer meet BU requirements or cannot be developed for licensing reasons. The goal is to develop a solution that is completely under EON's control and meets the requirements of a modern digital society.
I firmly believe that together with my colleagues we will achieve this goal.

Milan Císař

Head of Common Platforms Delivery

Baseline and project objectives

After unsuccessful cooperation with the original supplier, E.ON was looking for a new partner who would ensure not only business continuity but also the development of the ECM system on the OpenText platform operated in Microsoft Azure. The new vendor was tasked with providing operations and support for document management, with the key areas being to ensure transparency, efficient handling of requests, and further development of the system in Microsoft Azure. E.ON emphasized its excellent knowledge of the platform and its willingness to try new possibilities offered by Microsoft Azure.

The aim of the project was to ensure continuity of operations after the failed cooperation with the original vendor, to improve the quality of the services provided and to bring a new perspective to the solution of end-user requirements.


  • Better integration with key systems, especially SAP
  • More efficient document management
  • Reduction of ECM system maintenance costs
  • Improved storage and archiving security
  • Flexibility for future development
  • Faster access to information


The project focused on a comprehensive upgrade and development of the existing ECM system using the latest OpenText technologies such as Extended ECM for SAP Solutions for deep integration with key business systems, Content Server for content management, Document Pipeline for efficient document processing and distribution, and Archive Center for secure archiving.

These technologies have not only made it possible to increase the efficiency of document management and improve access to information, but also to reduce system maintenance and development costs through more efficient use of resources. This ensured greater security and reliability of document storage and archiving, and made the system more flexible and scalable to support E.ON's future business growth and development. All of this has led to increased user satisfaction, who can now access the information and documents they need more quickly and easily.

Used technologies

  • OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions
  • OpenText Content Server
  • OpenText Document Pipeline
  • OpenText Archive Center


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