Volkswagen Slovakia innovates human capital management with paperless HR

We helped Volkswagen Slovakia to transform HR processes using OpenText. Accelerated access, secure document storage, digitization of the process and simplification of administration are signs of successful implementation.

Realization 2020

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Customer profile

Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s. is one of the most powerful companies in Slovakia, where it has been operating since 1991. It employs thousands of employees in its plants, who are irreplaceable in the automobile production segment.

In the Bratislava plant, it produces top-of-the-range passenger cars such as the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, VW Touareg, and in the Martin plant it manufactures components for its cars. Volkswagen Slovakia is part of the Volkswagen Group, Europe's largest and the world's third largest car manufacturer.

Baseline and project objectives

Volkswagen Slovakia wanted to change the approach to manual processing of not only employees' personal files. The aim of the project was to digitalize processes, streamline management and work with personnel documents, reduce the risk of loss and damage of important documents and increase information security.

In the past, storing HR documents only in paper form had led to difficulties in retrieving, archiving and shredding documents. In addition, overcrowded archives made it difficult to work with documents and reduced clarity. Ensuring that the archive complies with legislative requirements, particularly with regard to GDPR, has been challenging and complicated. Protecting access to staff documents lacked a systematic and effective structure.


  • Secure access to information from anywhere
  • Central storage of all documents with set access permissions
  • Automatic storage of documents with QR code
  • Significant reduction in physical archive costs
  • Fast document accessibility through parametric search
  • Significant reduction in administrative burden for HR
  • GDPR compliance, shredding time monitoring, semi-automatic deletion


The entire project was implemented using the standard OpenText Employee File Management solution, which ensures clear organization and immediate availability of all important personnel documents in the employee's electronic file.

During the requirements analysis we extended the solution with innovative features, in particular the use of QR codes for automatic storage of scanned employment contracts. This "smart" functionality greatly simplified the document archiving process and eliminated the need for manual filing.

We ensured compliance with GDPR legislation by extending the solution with a Records Management module in 2020. This module ensured the management and shredding of personal information in personnel documents in accordance with current regulations.

The project resulted in secure access to HR documents from anywhere thanks to central electronic storage and thorough permissions setting. QR codes on SAP-generated forms enable automatic storage of documents, resulting in faster accessibility and a significant reduction in the administrative burden on the HR department.

Physical archive costs are significantly reduced, while parametric searches enable fast and efficient retrieval of the required documents.

Used technologies

  • OpenText Employee File Management
  • Manage OpenText records
  • Document digitization


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