Automation of incoming invoice processing for Koší

We have successfully transformed the invoice processing process for Koší With more than 12,000 invoices per year, we have achieved significant cost reductions by automating invoice processing in SAP and using OCR.

Realization 2021

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Customer profile

Koší is one of the largest online retailers of food, drugstore and household and garden supplies in the Czech Republic. It serves over 4,000 customers daily.

It offers its customers more than 15,000 items - food ranging from fresh, chilled or frozen to durable, as well as drugstore products including eco variants, pet, household and garden supplies. The wide range also includes a range of food for special diets.

Most people think of the term digitization of accounting as the maximum utilization of billing data and subsequent archiving of accounting documents. With KDF, however, we take "digitization" a notch higher. Thanks to the integration directly in the SAP environment, digitization for us means not only timeliness and accuracy of posted documents, but also time savings.

This opens up opportunities for us to pursue other activities within the finance department, which corresponds exactly to our industry, where we need to move faster and even faster as a company.

Matěj Poláček

CFO, Koší

Baseline and project objectives

Koší addressed the area of manual processing of invoices with many line items and at the same time looked for opportunities to speed up processes in the modern e-retail industry.

Processing accounting documents was time consuming, which was becoming unsustainable in the dynamic e-commerce environment. A necessity to survive in the turbulent industry was the introduction of digital tools that would not only speed up services but also enable innovation.

The project mainly aimed at automating and facilitating invoice processing.


  • Reduction of manual work in the accounting department by 40%
  • Reduction of human resource costs in invoice processing by 25%
  • Reduction of invoice processing time by up to 90%
  • Reduction of errors in invoice transcription thanks to OCR


As part of the development of the solution on the SAP platform, we discussed with the customer repetitive manual activities that are suitable for digitalization. We identified the process of manually processing received invoices as one of the main areas.

After determining the main goals of digitization, we designed a solution for Koší to automate the input and posting of received invoices in SAP.

For the solution, we used the OpenText Capture Center tool to recognize data from paper and PDF invoices from email, check them in SAP at the line item level and automatically post the invoices if everything is in order. If a discrepancy is found, the invoice is forwarded with workflow to the responsible person, who has pre-built accelerators to resolve the most common errors.

Used technologies

  • OpenText Capture Center
  • Invoice book


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