We provide key business processes for Wood & Paper

Thanks to our long-term support, Wood & Paper is able to quickly and flexibly adapt its processes to a dynamically changing business environment and provide users with a SAP system environment that supports their efficiency.

Realization 2004 - 2024

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Customer profile

The company Wood & Paper a.s. was founded in November 2000 and started its business activity in January 2001. Thanks to its ownership structure, it combines a wealth of experience in the extensive field of timber processing, logistics and timber trade. The business capabilities of its owners allow it great flexibility in purchasing timber.

The company was founded by three shareholders, namely Mondi Štětí a.s., Holzindustrie Maresch GmbH and Papierholz Austria GmbH. Other strategic partners are SLOVWOOD Ružomberok, a.s. and Mercer Holz GmbH.

It is absolutely essential for our business to have a modern and reliable information system with an emphasis on automation of accounting processes. A key aspect is the possibility of its continuous development in response to the requirements of our business partners and the rapid implementation of the changes made.

In this respect, Sabris has long been a strong and reliable partner that has contributed significantly to the success of our company.

Lukáš Fránek

Controlling & reporting, Wood & Paper

Baseline and project objectives

One of the key challenges was a minimalist IT department without dedicated SAP specialists, which limited the ability to manage and optimize the core software environment. This deficiency was particularly evident in a dynamic business environment where processes and supplier structure had to be constantly adapted.

Another challenge was to provide a simple user interface for end users, who often had to adapt quickly to specific processes such as self-invoicing and self-ordering in the timber industry.

In addition, it was necessary to maintain high process efficiency without increasing the number of staff, which required automating the processing of documents, orders and invoices. This made it possible to reduce the manual workload and optimise the IT department's time and resources for higher value-added tasks.

The project aimed not only to address these challenges, but also to create a comprehensive and sustainable solution that would enable the customer to successfully respond to future challenges and changes in the business environment.


  • Long-term reliable system support without burdening internal resources
  • Flexible adaptation of the system to constantly changing business processes
  • Seamless operation of key processes by Sabris specialists who have a high level of know-how and knowledge of the customer's environment
  • Satisfaction and confidence of end users in the deployed solution on the SAP platform
  • Increased staff efficiency through the use of accelerators and automation of selected process steps
  • Reduction of manual activities due to automation of processing of a large number of documents


We carried out the initial implementation of the SAP information system. Now we continue to help with its dynamic development and the development of specific functionalities necessary to ensure the business processes of the timber company. Especially important is the speed of change implementation and user simplicity to maintain high process efficiency

For Wood & Paper, we have implemented solutions involving non-standard operations such as self-ordering, self-invoicing, reverse categorization of goods based on customer acceptance, purchase estimates refined only during or after harvesting, and more.

Emphasis is placed on electronic communication with all process participants and maximum automation of processing of individual steps, where in some key processes employees only perform a control role, while the process itself runs essentially automatically.

The solution also includes archiving documents in an external archiving system using QR codes. Completely unique optimization accelerators (practically on the button) allow to maintain a superior level of processing speed and therefore high efficiency. All this is backed by professional technical, application and development support from our side.

Used technologies

  • SAP development
  • Application support


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