Very fast deployment of SAP S/4HANA including finance and logistics at Marvinpac

Thanks to the deployment of the modern SAP S/4HANA information system, the company is able to respond immediately to growing customer requirements, flexibly adapt its service offer and develop its business internationally.

Realization 2016

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Customer profile

The Marvinpac Group is one of Europe's leading players in custom packaging in the food and confectionery, cosmetics, hospitality and luxury accessories (watches, leather goods, stationery, etc.) sectors, offering its clients a wide range of custom packaging solutions for specific or high-volume projects that include the production of exclusive cases that enhance the luxury character of products.

When purchasing a comprehensive ERP system for business management, it is important to remember that the system alone will not solve your operational and organizational problems. You need to make a considerable effort to deploy it and change the mindset of the entire company.

Only by combining innovative technology, the right management and strategy can we create the optimal combination to help us meet our goals and push the boundaries of our growth. I believe that together with Sabris we have succeeded in doing this and that there is much to build on.

Jan Vrátil

Managing Director, Marvinpac CZ

Baseline and project objectives

The challenge was to handle the very rapid increase in volume and delivery in international markets without a robust ERP platform. The turbulent custom packaging industry required robust tools for better customer service and innovation. The loss of a strategic business partner was imminent (there was a need to strengthen credibility by deploying the same platform). Another challenge was the costly and lengthy IT infrastructure management due to fragmented systems from multiple vendors (errors and blind spots in processes).


  • Thanks to the rapid deployment of SAP S/4HANA, Marvinpac was able to increase production by 150% compared to the original state, which was one of the main objectives of the project.
  • Thanks to SAP S/4HANA, Marvinpac has a robust tool for comprehensive financial, production and logistics management supporting the rapid growth of the company.
  • Thanks to SAP S/4HANA, Marvinpac has strengthened its credibility with strategic clients and opened the way to further major contracts and partners.
  • Thanks to SAP S/4HANA, Marvinpac is able to respond to growing customer demands, flexibly adapt its service offering and develop its business internationally.


Due to the requirement for extremely fast implementation of the ERP system, a pure SAP S/4HANA standard was first deployed according to the SAP Activate methodology. Subsequently, a GAP analysis was created, which continued with a development phase where functionalities and customer development were gradually deployed according to Marvinpac's actual needs. The rapid implementation of the system required intensive collaboration and effective communication between the Sabris and Marvinpac teams. It was necessary to abandon established practices and, above all, to change the mindset from document-based to process-based. Strong support from Marvinpac's Managing Director, Jan Vrátil, was a significant help.

Used technologies

  • S/4.CZ by Sabris
  • SAP deployment
  • Hosting of SAP IT infrastructure


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