Network management and monitoring

Effective network management and monitoring are essential to ensure reliable network operation and protect against security threats.

Network monitoring

Customers use complex monitoring and management tools as well as simpler systems for network monitoring. We offer network monitoring as a stand-alone product or as a hosted service.

Hosted monitoring

Hosted monitoring is a form of network environment monitoring using tools provided exclusively as a service that is pre-packaged for a wide range of customer networks of different sizes and types.

The service does not force the customer to purchase their own tool with a wide range of different licenses, while the deployment of such systems can itself be a costly affair with often uncertain outcomes depending on the complexity of the chosen solution.

Network management

Network management involves planning, configuring, managing and maintaining an organisation's network infrastructure. This includes setting up network devices such as routers, switches, gateways, firewalls and more to ensure that the network is working efficiently.

Management also includes managing users, access rights, and managing security policies and updates. Automation plays a significant role in effective network management, which can include the use of scripts and tools to configure and monitor the network.


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