Deployment of ServiceNow at The Ministry of Regional Development

The Ministry of Regional Development announced an open tender for the supply of a central ITSM tool to support its agendas. We won with the most cost-effective solution built on the ServiceNow cloud platform.


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Customer profile

The Ministry of Regional Development provides a number of agendas, especially for the provision of subsidies from various European and domestic funds, information to the public and legal entities, and management of public procurement through the NEN (National Electronic Tool).

Baseline and project objectives

The aim of this project was to create a unified environment for the management and implementation of services for the operation and development of all modules of the SCS NIPEZ (eventually the entire NIPEZ - National Infrastructure for Electronic Public Procurement) and to ensure the evaluation of the parameters of these services.

Another objective of the Client was to ensure impartial, transparent and conclusive supervision of the suppliers of the NIPEZ modules with the possibility to proactively prevent negative operational incidents.


  • Automated evaluation of suppliers of individual NIPEZ modules
  • NEN module support - 60 thousand users
  • Failure-free operation without the need for infrastructure management (SaaS)
  • Low solution development costs


With the delivery of an advanced ITSM tool with a high level of functionality prepared according to best practice by the manufacturer, the user received not only the tool but also the know-how for service management. Thanks to this, the delivered solution was at about 30% of the price of other offers. The project went according to plan and in less than 9 months from the signing of the contract, productive operations were launched.

After about 1 year of operation of the central service desk, the customer decided to use the delivered tool to support NEN as well, which meant expanding the number of users by about 3 orders of magnitude to 60,000. The platform handled this increased load without any problems.

Currently, the original 2-year support for the operation of the entire solution has been extended and, in addition to operation and development, the process of assessing the system as a VIS (Significant Information System) is underway, which requires meeting demanding security requirements.

Used technologies

  • ServiceNow modul CSM (Customer Service Management)
  • ServiceNow modul ITOM (IT Operation Management)


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