Reliable operation of the LOG Point 112 storage facility is ensured by "We are Your IT" services

We have designed the IT infrastructure and enterprise network for secure operation with remote monitoring and ensure its smooth operation. For the customer, we handle other downstream services supporting their business processes.

Realization 2022

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Customer profile

The Log Point 112 complex offers for rent premises in an industrial hall located in an established business and commercial zone in Jihlava in close proximity to exit 112 of the D1 motorway. The hall with a total size of approx. 27,000 m2 also has approximately 3,900 m2 of frozen storage space as well as additional refrigerated storage space. The site has excellent transport accessibility and sufficient handling and parking space.

Having our own IT specialists for our business didn't make sense. To ensure reliable operations, we found a trusted IT partner who can flexibly provide everything we need under a service contract. At the same time, we can always turn to them for consultation with people who understand our needs and help us to make our development ideas a reality.

Petr Schwarz

Project Manager

Baseline and project objectives

The customer has decided to build a new hall that allows the rental of up to 11 units of storage space with a size of 1,720 - 3,630 sqm. There is also a frozen warehouse. The low-energy hall meets the highest standards. This was literally a greenfield project and it was necessary to find an IT partner who would design the right IT infrastructure and then take care of the operation and reliability. The customer did not have its own IT department and therefore decided to look for an outsourced IT supplier in the form of a service contract.

The customer's initial brief was clear, to build a modern network infrastructure that was both secure and flexible for the eventual expansion of their business. Due to the nature of the operation, we designed the solution to meet the most stringent requirements for network sharing between customers of the leased hall. A solution built on HPE technologies and its enhanced cloud management using HPE Aruba Central.


  • Functional and reliable IT infrastructure with remote monitoring
  • Service contract with fast problem resolution
  • Integration of third-party solutions and communication with suppliers
  • Consulting services
  • Innovative approach to the customer


To meet the requirements of a modern and reliable corporate IT infrastructure, we designed a fully redundant corporate network for LOG Point 112. We take full advantage of the potential of the stackable HPE 5710 switch, where each switch is equipped with two power supplies, so that any failure or damage does not endanger the company. Other types of HPE 5140 switches are used as access switches, for the possibility of connecting individual customers / tenants of premises and their technologies to the central network LOG Point 112. While the primary elements of the network are secured in the main datacenter, the other access elements are located in other locations of the company, so that they can cover both the entrance gateway and the offices. The plant premises and user end stations are covered by HPE Aruba Wi-Fi access points with HPE network switches, and several wireless access points even cover the cold storage areas within the industrial environment. The entire system is managed in the HPE Aruba Central cloud environment.

Once the installation is complete and the entire solution is commissioned, the customer receives the basis of our "We are Your IT" service concept, an individually prepared service contract that ensures reliable operation without any on-site IT staff. The contract includes a defined central point of contact, the ServiceDesk, which ensures communication and forwarding of requests to the solution teams and third-party coordination. It also monitors the requirements lifecycle and handles reporting. The service contract also includes proactive monitoring of IT elements using a software tool with an emphasis on the overall functionality of the Information System. Our specialists also handle service activities consisting of regular checking of defined IT elements and their operational management. The contract also includes the resolution of any incidents, support in dealing with changes to the Information System and further provision of development consultancy.

As part of the service contract and our services, we also provided the customer with the setup of a Microsoft 365-based communication and collaboration environment and commissioned systems for basic process workflow. We also provide consulting services for the customer on the level of application solutions, communication with their suppliers and the necessary integration.

Used technologies

  • HPE Aruba 515 and 565 Wi-fi access points
  • HPE 5710 and 5140 network switches
  • HPE Aruba Central
  • "We are Your IT" service


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