Deployment of Alvao Service Desk and Asset Management in the private cloud of the Vysočina Region

Vysočina Region has decided to expand the services of it's Technology Centre. The county acquired an application for managing requirements and their management through workflow, registration and monitoring of IT assets.

Realization 2020

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The Vysočina Region is a higher territorial self-government unit consisting of five former districts (Havlíčkův Brod, Jihlava, Pelhřimov, Třebíč and Žďár nad Sázavou). There are 704 municipalities in the region, 15 of which have extended competence and 26 municipalities with municipal authority.

Providing software in the form of SaaS in a private cloud to all contributory organisations was a great challenge for the Vysočina Region. It is a technically quite demanding activity involving elements of extensive system integration.

Petr Pavlinec

Head of the Department of Informatics of the Vysočina Region

Baseline and project objectives

The regional authority is the founder of dozens of organisations and these organisations have expressed interest in request management applications in the survey, without the need to have their own servers or installations.

AUTOCONT came up with the ALVAO Service Desk and Asset Management solution, which met the demanding requirements and succeeded in the tender as the winning solution. The solution can organize the entire department, and for the Vysočina Region, different parts of the organizations in the region, and thus obtain a unified asset register for data quality and cost reduction. ALVAO Service Desk will provide a single point of contact for all requests, and the solution team will get an overview of the amount of work, clear priorities and improved communication.

ALVAO Asset Management is a smart record of hardware, software and other equipment. You know exactly what assets you have, who is responsible for them and where they are at the moment. In one place, you have an overview of every piece of equipment from purchase to disposal.

An essential part of the tender process was the requirement to certify the application according to ITIL® 2011, the ability to differentiate between L1, L2 and L3 levels of support, while ensuring information security. It was required that the application should be designed as a web-based application with easy entry of requests and the possibility of subsequent monitoring of the status of individual requests, creation of statistics and SLA parameters.


  • One contact for all requests
  • Better order and overview of priorities
  • Improved communication
  • Every request always forwarded to the right place
  • Advanced access rights management


The emphasis was placed on the ease of use of the application, which the users will quickly learn. The new app is accessible from a variety of devices including tablets and phones. Another key requirement was the necessity to provide the entire application as a service (SaaS) for all contributory organizations of the region. Along with this requirement, it was necessary to ensure the multitenancy of the solution - the ability to share the same instance of the application with multiple entities.

The new application is integrated to the IDM system of the county enabling central permissions management. The VysocinaID identity federation is used for logging into the application, allowing the user to use one username and password as in their home organisation.

Great emphasis was placed on security. The contract included the obligation to subject the application to a security penetration test according to the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) standard. During these tests, an attacker tries to break the security of the system to get some data or crash the application. First anonymously, without knowing the login credentials of the application, and then with the login. The testing was carried out by people from Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

Used technologies

  • ALVAO Service Desk
  • ALVAO Asset Management


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