Complete management of the corporate IT of MORAVIA PROPAG

We prepared a catalogue of necessary services, designed and implemented ICT modernisation and took over responsibility for the operation of the entire IT of MORAVIA PROPAG.

Realization 2018-2023

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Customer profile

The company MORAVIA PROPAG, s.r.o. designs and produces promotional items and POS materials. It provides service, installation, distribution or repair directly in the market. In the field of technical projects, it is a service and renovation center for refrigeration equipment, refrigerators, freezers, vending machines, coffee machines and more. Designs, manufactures and installs shading equipment and advertising equipment for small and large catering businesses, awnings, pergolas, sunshades. Sells and rents party tents and storage sheds.

We have been cooperating with AUTOCONT for the fifth year already. Thanks to this cooperation we finally have our IT technology under control. Now we can fully devote ourselves to our clients. What I appreciate most about our long-term cooperation is that AUTOCONT technicians have always been able to adapt to our requirements. Flexibility and speed of response is a decisive parameter for our business.

David Slabák

Head of Logistics

Baseline and project objectives

Moravia Propag covers a wide range of advertising services and technical projects. The requirements of their customers are constantly changing and they adapt their strategy accordingly. More than 150 employees handle almost 12,000 individual orders to 90 countries every year. The need to be flexible and fully dedicated to their own business requires reliable support in ICT technology. That is why they decided to entrust its management to IT professionals.

The first choice of an IT outsourcing company was a journey of experience and, after some time, the realization that Moravia Propag's business requires a higher quality and level of service.

Thus, in 2018, AUTOCONT experts were approached to analyse and offer complete IT management services. In order to design and implement IT modernization to meet the needs of their ERP, CRM and other business applications with optimal financial costs. Further, to ensure transparent and functioning complete IT management by professionals and experts to avoid critical downtime.


  • Modernization of complete IT/ICT infrastructure
  • No need for data security, monitoring software updates and legality, and major ICT capacity planning
  • Defined contractual SLAs, availability and flexibility of IT services allow us to fully focus on our business objectives.
  • Ability to use the latest technology without having to find and employ several different IT professionals
  • Transparent and predictable IT financial costs


In the first phase, a team of AUTOCONT specialists analyzed the existing level of IT resources and prepared a proposal for an optimal new infrastructure for the operation of all enterprise applications. This was followed by the purchase, delivery and implementation of new HW and SW technologies.

Furthermore, we designed a catalogue of provided services with a clearly defined level and quality of SLA and installed monitoring of managed IT systems. We provided an IT expert directly to the Moravia Propag environment, who is available to the customer at all times to deal with management and any incidents. For Moravia Propag's management, this meant relief from the worries that would have arisen from providing an entire in-house IT department.

The IT expert in question fulfils the role of IT manager, handles all requests from individual users, oversees the IT infrastructure and takes care of end station management. All tasks and incidents are recorded via a central point of communication - the Service Desk. In this way, Moravia Propag has full control over the scope, quality and SLA fulfilment of the services provided at clearly defined financial costs.

In case of need for specific IT expertise, a specialist from AUTOCONT's implementation department is requested via the Service Desk. For change or development requirements, Moravia Propag has certified and experienced AUTOCONT specialists at its disposal, thus guaranteeing professionalism for strategic ICT development decisions.

After a period of two years of stabilizing the new IT environment, establishing mutual communication and trust, it was proposed to reduce the SLA and adjust it according to the new needs of Moravia Propag. It was therefore possible to reduce the scope of our IT manager's work to 3 days on-site per week so that he was still able to cover the customer's needs while maintaining the affordability of the overall solution.

Used technologies

  • Services We are your IT
  • Dell Central Disk Array
  • Dell Servers
  • Dell Network Switches
  • Dell end stations
  • VMware Virtualization 
  • Veeam Backup 
  • Sophos Firewall


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