Communications at Aricoma is led by Michal Malysa

Prague, July 25, 2023 – Michal Malysa heads communications at Aricoma, a leading ICT services provider and part of the KKCG group. In his role as Head of Brand and Communications, he is responsible, among other things, for the company's brand, external and internal communications. At the end of June, the company announced that by the end of the year the Aricoma name would be gradually adopted by all its companies as part of the rebranding process.


Michal Malysa has more than eleven years of experience in the field of communication and PR. Prior to joining Aricoma, he led communications at Eurowag during its listing on the London Stock Exchange, external communications at Deloitte and the PR team at Grayling. Before that, he worked for eight years as a journalist, namely at TV Nova, Czech Radio, Prague Daily and Czech Television.

"Aricoma brings together the top players in the ICT sector. I appreciate the fact that I can help them in the rebranding process and contribute to building a unified and strong brand. It is without exaggeration a great opportunity as Aricoma is built on a compelling story of the companies and people that make it up," said Michal Malysa, Head of Brand and Communications, Aricoma.

Aricoma brings together brands focused on IT infrastructure, cloud technologies, enterprise applications, cybersecurity, public sector digitalization and systems integration. They include Autocont, a regional leader in IT services; cybersecurity expert AEC; public sector software developers CES EA and part of Komix; and e-commerce experts Internet Project. By the end of the year all will gradually adopt the Aricoma name. They will be followed later by this year’s acquisitions – SAP solutions companies Sabris Consulting and Consulting 4U and public sector software developers SYSCOM Software.

"Michal's experience in communication fits well into our vision to make Aricoma a company that will steadily strengthen its dominant position in the domestic market and become an unmissable provider of end-to-end ICT services and digitalization in Western Europe," added Milan SameŇ°, CEO, Aricoma.

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Michal Malysa
Head of Brand and Communications