Aricoma's 30th annual SECURITY 2024 conference broke the 700-attendee mark

Prague, April 11, 2024 – The top speakers of the last thirty years were given free rein to talk about whatever they wanted. The audience was certainly not bored. Aricoma, the number one in enterprise IT, held the 30th anniversary of the largest Czech conference on cybersecurity, SECURITY 2024, just before Easter, on 27 and 28 March.

Aricoma CEO Milan Sameš opened with the statement that today's geopolitical situation clearly shows that threats will always be hybrid from now on, i.e. both physical and virtual. "Good cyber security is as important for us today as the castle was for our ancestors," said Milan Sameš.

Paula Januszkiewicz, founder and CEO of CQURE and one of the most famous penetration testers in the world, was the star of the conference. She showed the packed room why hackers focus on persistence during malware development and subsequent attacks. This is because it allows them to evade detection for a long time and get the most out of what they are after in companies and organizations.

"Nowadays, we already have an overview of the different types of attacks and know how to deal with them. In theory, no successful attacks should occur. You probably know a situation where you would like to get several tasks done, but it's not quite possible to do it in the space of a day. It's exactly the same with cybersecurity, it's impossible to keep an eye on everything. You have to accept it, but be as prepared as possible," explained Paula Januszkiewicz.

As has become tradition, the visitors, this year a record number of 702, voted for the best speakers. The most popular was the German hacker and comedian in one person, Tobias Schrödel, who illustrated what can be found on the darknet about ransomware attackers.

Second place went to Jan Kolouch from CESNET, who advised visitors on how to avoid "rabbit holes" on social networks. And third place was taken by Paula Januszkiewicz and Tomas Rosa from Raiffeisenbank, who spoke about the possibilities of misusing AI language models to construct more imaginative social engineering scams.

The vote was also between the exhibitors – for the fourth time, ESET's stand won by a landslide. It was followed closely by the HP Inc. and Check Point booths.

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