IT infrastructure support and operation services

Thanks to our extensive experience and in-house know-how, we provide a wide range of services that can be integrated into a single functional unit, or just utilizing some of the components.

Description of services offered

We provide IT infrastructure support and operation services in the following structure.

Central Contact Point - provides process communication and request resolution. These can be submitted by contract customers via the web interface (an individual invitation is sent electronically to the customer's contact person for access and registration to the ServiceDesk portal), by telephone or by e-mail. The ServiceDesk operators log the request, forward it to the resolution teams after initial analysis, monitor the request lifecycle for the duration of the resolution (in particular, fulfilment of contractual SLAs), and close the request after resolution and arrange administration.

Service quality management - quality managers monitor, measure and evaluate processes and the quality of services provided, especially the guaranteed level of support (according to SLA). They manage the request lifecycle according to ITIL and corporate standards. They ensure the fastest recovery process and minimize the impact of service outages on the company's operations. Provide static output information (reports) as per the contract and proactively identify opportunities to improve the delivery of the IT services provided.

Infrastructure monitoring – proactive monitoring of the IT environment using SW tools with emphasis on the overall functionality of the customer's IT environment. The monitoring centre staff are informed about borderline situations, e.g., customer web application malfunction, and can report this situation to the customer immediately or, in agreed cases, create an incident and forward it to the resolution groups.

Remote management - includes regular preventive checking, typically SW server check, application and system log check, backup status check, antivirus software check, free disk space check, HW status check, etc. The result is a report containing the results of the scan and suggested system recommendations. This service may also include regular software and HW updates.

Reactive support - implemented by certified specialists in the event of unplanned interruptions or limitations in the quality of the IT service, which represents a minimal to critical impact on the customer's business. The service can be requested by submitting a service request to the ServiceDesk.

Development and consulting - services in cases where a change in the infrastructure is planned. Typically providing consultation and expert advice in the planning of the change, the actual implementation of the change, post-implementation verification of functions and their impact on the infrastructure or training of staff and end users. A change management process is followed which includes all the necessary steps. The service can be requested via a ServiceDesk request.

Service and support of end devices - includes warranty and post-warranty service. The service network covers the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and enables rapid intervention. The service can also include SW support on end devices.

Quality assurance

All processes related to the provision of services are managed in accordance with the ISO9001:2001 standards or the internationally recognized ITIL service management framework. This ensures a high level of expertise in the services provided and standardized quality and consistency of performance.

Typical support level (SLA)

Guaranteed support level 9x5, i.e., 9 hours a day, 5 working days a week (normal working hours from 08:00 to 17:00). We start our support solutions with SLA levels that are variable for customers with and without contract support. Details of this can be found in the tables below.

Target group

We provide IT infrastructure support and operation services to companies and organizations of all sizes and industries. Hundreds of customers have experience with them.


  • Save time and costs on IT support
  • Free up your IT team to focus more on supporting your primary business or business development
  • Expert support service can be extended to other parts of the IT infrastructure at any time, according to current needs
  • You get certified specialists in various technologies for specific activities for the time necessary
  • We have over 600 specialists who hold nearly 1,500 unique certification titles
  • Certification to ISO 9001:2001, ISO 20000:05, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, ISO 14001


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