Comprehensive service concept ‘We are your IT’

The phrase 'We are your IT' expresses our goals and ambitions succinctly. To provide personalised, reliable IT services tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

What we offer within these services

It is a comprehensive range of services and solutions for managing part of or all of a customer's IT environment, including hardware, software, networks and security.

We consider the key aspects of our offering to be: reliability, availability, cost-effective management, security measures, innovation, data management and support of user needs. The management of most organizations expects most of these aspects from the functioning of IT, which in turn contribute to the success of the business, achieving strategic goals and improving overall company performance.

However, in this area we are often useful also for IT managers of medium and larger companies that are undergoing changes, need to prepare an IT or security development strategy, or are in need of specialists and their replaceability.

How we deliver services and what role we play

On the basis of the analysis, we can prepare an assessment of the IT status, propose the structure of the required services and prepare a procedure for taking over responsibility for the operation of part or all of IT. All this with the help of a service contract to secure the missing specialists expertise.

We help our customers to react quickly to changes, ensure high availability and reliability of IT systems, which, in addition to the smooth running of the company, minimizes downtime and enables uninterrupted operation of key operations.

We can and want to be a partner, advisor, consultant or technical specialist for areas that need to be addressed due to the company's needs and situation.


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