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Realization 2021

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We are a Czech private company operating in the field of information and communication technologies since 1990. AUTOCONT now has business activities in many locations in the Czech Republic, SK and Belgium.

"Already nearly 20 meeting rooms in many locations with high quality audio and video technology, unified control and management currently significantly improve our ability to communicate with customers, internal teams and individuals. And naturally, it also saves time and travel costs."

Miloslav Záleský

CMO & Partnership Director

Baseline and project objectives

The organic growth of AUTOCONT, the expansion of professional competencies and above all the desire to manage and further develop the company as a whole, led to the need to operate all Prague parts of the company in one place and therefore to move to new premises that better meet the growing capacity and technical requirements of the company.

The key requirements included expanding the workspace, the number of meeting rooms for meetings and creative work and, above all, the unification of communication and videoconferencing technology using the services of the Microsoft 365 platform. The aim was also to unify the previously disparate technology and create a uniform user experience in meeting rooms where users would no longer struggle with the technology.


  • Modernisation of the company's meeting rooms and working areas
  • Unification of videoconferencing technology with one solution
  • Creating a uniform user experience in all meeting rooms


Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows technology is chosen as the backbone platform to provide a consistent and reliable standard for online meetings in a Microsoft Teams environment. For video conferencing technology, Logitech technology and solutions are chosen. Depending on their size, capacity and usage (usage scenarios), individual meeting rooms are equipped with ready-made all-in-one Logitech MeetUp or Rally Bar solutions and Logitech Rally videoconferencing sets, which are used in the largest meeting rooms with up to 22 people.

The necessary computing power is provided in each meeting room by an Intel NUC mini-computer with Windows 10 IoT, while 10" Logitech TAP touch panels are used to control the videoconferencing technology and Apple iPads are used to control the meeting room itself and to control its variables such as lights, curtains, air conditioning or blackout glass walls.

The same solution concept that was implemented in the meeting rooms of the new Prague address is also used in other company locations, bringing the benefits of unified central management.

Used technologies

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows / Logitech
  • AMX Audio Video Control Systems / Apple iPad
  • Microsoft 365, MeetingRoomApp


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