Digitisation and automation of processes

Accelerate your business by digitising your processes. Get rid of administration, automate and simplify processes. Focus on higher value-added work with our innovative solutions for digitisation of business processes.

Valid from: 18. 12. 2023

What is slowing down your business?

It may not be obvious at first glance, but think about whether you can automate and digitise your processes too. In our experience, we see 3 main challenges that companies face today:

Disconnected internal systems
Important information needed to complete a process can be stored in disconnected systems, causing confusion, the wasting time and increasing the risk of errors. Manually entering data into multiple systems is time consuming and often leads to inaccuracies. In addition, if your processes are not secured and automated, it can compromise the security of sensitive information.

Large amounts of data and documents
Important data is scattered in a variety of formats, from emails and PDFs to paper invoices and contracts. This ever-increasing volume of data is waiting to be collected, analysed and then used. Classifying and processing this unstructured content is challenging and time-consuming without the use of technology. Get valuable information from your data sources immediately.

Manual processes
The slow pace, lack of transparency and frequent errors of manual processes can significantly impact your business efficiency and customer satisfaction. What is more, they can increase your internal costs and opacity in process metrics. By automating your processes, we can help you to eliminate these problems and bring reliability and transparency to your organization.


  • Increase productivity by automating routine activities
  • Reduction of errors in processes
  • Accelerate business processes across all agendas
  • Efficient use of data for better decision making
  • Reduce internal costs
  • Improved client satisfaction through faster response

Improving your productivity

The main goal of our digitalization and process automation projects is to increase the productivity of your employees by enabling them to focus on the strategic tasks and activities that bring the most value to your business, while repetitive and time-consuming tasks are entrusted to automated systems.

An example is process automation:
  • recruitment,
  • digitisation of invoicing, approvals and financial tracking,
  • tracking inventory and communicating with suppliers,
  • processing documents and subjecting them to further analysis,
  • digitisation of insurance claims handling,
  • simplifying claims handling,
  • creating applications for complex shared service centre management, and more.

Trends in digitalization and automation of business processes

We have been working in the field of digitalization and automation of business processes for more than 20 years, and hundreds of projects have convinced us that the only way to remain competitive and efficient is to use new technologies to your advantage. Trends are constantly changing, but in our experience, the main ones are:
  1. Intelligent automation: this is the use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate more complex tasks, which includes pattern recognition, data analysis and even decision making.
  2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): is the use of implementing software robots to automate routine, repetitive tasks, which reduces errors and frees up employees for more challenging and creative work.
  3. Document processing automation: using technology to extract and process data from documents to speed up and simplify administrative tasks. Examples include extracting data from invoices or emails.
  4. Low-Code and No-Code platforms: These platforms allow even people without advanced technical training to create applications and automate processes with minimal programming knowledge. You can quickly create an application for employee records, warehouse management, project tracking, or requisitions.
  5. Integration with enterprise systems: You get a connected whole that speeds up decision making, eliminates duplicate entry into multiple systems, and reduces data errors.

Reliable technologies

The solutions we use in our projects from OpenText and Microsoft can help you automate your process and transform into a digital, data-driven enterprise. With these technologies, you too can gain flexible platforms to build user applications quickly, reduce the required IT involvement, and improve decision-making and the employee, partner, and customer experience.

Optimize your processes with automation, digitization and data-driven decision making.

TreeINFO for SharePoint

Deploying the system within 5 days is not a problem. Our TreeINFO solution for SharePoint provides ready-made solutions focused on specific document processes or specific types of documents and forms, including the possibility of rapid development of other customized solutions. It covers invoices, contracts, internal documentation and requisition forms. Just choose and you will get effective support for your processes, document and form management and circulation. All this electronically, easily and quickly.

It is an integrated add-on for Microsoft SharePoint, which we have developed based on our many years of experience and proven practices in document and process management (DMS, ECM).


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