Digital Transformation Projects

Optimize business processes online. Identify digitalization opportunities for efficient partner communication, task automation, and proper data utilization.

Valid from: 18. 12. 2023

Digital transformation

We see digital transformation as a tool for achieving greater efficiency and performance of the company with a positive impact on customer and employee satisfaction. We will also create a new solution for you that will focus on the areas of administration, i.e., back-office, sales and marketing and customer service. Achieve a competitive advantage and innovate your digital ecosystem.

Today, for example, we are able to purchase almost anything online, self-service at our energy supplier, use online banking or make a hotel booking. This is the state of the market and customer habits that digital transformation has delivered.

And this already experienced state from B2C has been trending in B2B in recent years. A pleasant customer experience without the hurdles of a quick purchase, instant feedback on a complaint or access to manuals on a click, or contact with the service department via your customer account, is what will retain customers and build a long-term relationship with them.


  • Elimination of routine processes, saving time and costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction, improved communication with customers
  • Automation of administration, sales and marketing
  • Functional solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies
  • Comprehensive digital ecosystem linking e-commerce, ERP and other systems
  • Efficient product data management

What will digital transformation bring you?

Our approach to digital transformation is built on connecting the pieces to increase sales, speed up administration and leverage automation. In our projects, we combine multiple services into one comprehensive digital ecosystem, often integrated with other enterprise applications such as ERP or CRM.

We empower e-commerce and multi-channel sales for your business as well. We connect both B2C and B2B e-shop or portal into one functional solution. Your B2C customers will thus be able to conveniently find more information, expert advice or locate specific vendors in their place of residence. B2B demanding customers will get clear access to orders by the relevant price level, work with bills, complaints or change in company details. Naturally, the use of automation and artificial intelligence works in your favour to provide personalised information to your customers.

In our opinion, a digitization project clearly includes the efficient management of product data by the internal team. That is why we also use our own PIM solution that centralizes all product data in one place.

And the addition of an intranet solution that will serve as a shared working environment for the company's management and display important data aggregated from other information systems clearly in one place is not a problem either.

The possibilities are endless, and we can advise you on how to shoot your business to the stars with a sophisticated digital strategy. We'll put it together: we'll evaluate your company's plans, set business goals and how to measure and evaluate them.

5 key trends for your success

Trends in the digital transformation of e-commerce and websites are constantly evolving and changing rapidly in response to new technologies and customer expectations. With each project, we connect your needs with those major trends to make the most of the opportunities modern technology offers for your business growth.

In our view, the key trends behind digital transformation are:
  1. Personalisation: customers expect a more personalised experience. Successful e-commerce solutions use analytics data and artificial intelligence to display content and products tailored to each customer.
  2. Automation and AI. That is why technologies such as chatbots and machine learning are touted as the best for customer support and personalization.
  3. Speed and performance: Customers expect fast page loads and a smooth shopping process even during Christmas. Optimizing site performance and reducing delays are key to success along with functioning properly on mobile devices.
  4. Data Security. Therefore, any solution must be compliant with all regulations.
  5. Multi-channel sales: Customers have different preferences and habits. A multi-channel solution offers a combination of online and offline channels to reach or shop, thereby enhancing the customer experience and reaching a wider audience.

How we work on projects

We strive to bring the added value of our more than 20 years of know-how and experience in digitalization projects with the best brands on a local and international level to every project. The use of globally proven technologies ready for the growth of any project and type of customer is a guarantee for the long-term sustainability of our digitization implementations.

Our experienced team of experts across all IT areas, from information systems, security, cloud and more, ensures you get a workable solution using the latest technologies and processes. Our satisfied customers, for whom we have integrated ERP with a new web-based solution, can also speak for themselves.


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