Product data management

Get always up-to-date and structured product information in one place. Manage your product information with our PIM (Product Information Management) service.

Valid from: 18. 12. 2023

Get product information in one place

Product information - this is thousands of different descriptions, figures, technical data sheets, photos and videos, prepared in many variants for display in the catalogue, on the web, in the E-SHOP and other relevant places.

You also struggle with the fragmentation of this information across the business on computers, on network storage in separate documents and spreadsheets, in an e-commerce system or in different databases. So, in your day-to-day work with product information, you struggle with finding the right version, forwarding files via email, manually updating one piece of information in multiple places. This creates inconsistencies and unnecessary errors in the product information.

Very often, the complete product information is also contained in the company's information system (ERP), which needs only a small part of it (e.g., code, name, price, stock location, etc.) to ensure company processes.

Our PIM service helps you manage structured product information in one place, so that all these problems will become a thing of the past.


  • Centralization of product data in one place
  • Solution designed for omnichannel communication
  • API for easy integration
  • Automation of processes to save time and money
  • Absolute control over data quality
  • Cloud and on-premise solutions

Get a powerful database for product data management

With PIM, we free you from dependence on ERP and other systems that are not primarily designed for working with product information. We connect PIM with your website, e-shop, catalogue or other systems and thanks to that you can keep your product information consistent and up-to-date even in multiple languages.

PIM's user-friendly interface, designed specifically for easy navigation of product information, will clearly display your product catalogue, you can use filters and sort everything based on features or simply identify missing information to fill in.

But thanks to a sophisticated system of user permission, you will always be sure that only the right people are working with specific data and in the way you need.

You can also grant access to PIM to your suppliers and let them enter and manage their product information themselves, completely securely through specifically defined user rights.

What else can PIM help you with:

  • A robust API enables you to automatically import data from ERP and other systems or databases and distribute it anywhere.
  • Automation minimizes the risks of manually transcribing information from often opaque product documents into the system.
  • You will save on costly ERP customizations and ERP licenses for users who need to work only with product data contained within it.
  • With bulk operations, you can select one or more attributes you want to change over a set of products and update them with a single action.
  • Your product communication with your customers will be unified. No matter where they enter your site from, they will always see consistent product information.
  • PIM is not a boxed solution. It can do a lot within its core, but every business is unique. So, we can provide you with a turnkey tool that you can work with effectively at all times.


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