AC Identity - Identity Management for the city of České Budějovice

The City's information systems consist of a large number of agenda systems used across departments and divisions. The goal of deploying AC Identity was to ensure consistency of access permissions and efficiency of IM.

Realization 2021

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České Budějovice is a statutory town and the administrative and cultural capital of the South Bohemian Region. With 95 thousand inhabitants, České Budějovice is the largest city of the South Bohemian Region and its economic, administrative and cultural centre. It is the seat of several universities, important public institutions and offices.

Because of the very complex permission matrix affecting hundreds of users, whether employees or external staff and contractors, access control was very complicated and difficult to control. The introduction of IDM AC Identity has improved security, visibility and most importantly, rapidly increased the efficiency of permissions management.

Mgr. David Kříž

Head of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies

Baseline and project objectives

The Statutory City of České Budějovice is the operator of an information system consisting of a number of agency information systems. Individual agenda systems, or also end systems, are used partly across the authority, partly they are highly specialised and are available only to selected groups of users. In all cases, it is necessary to set up a matrix of access and functional permissions for each individual end system (software) and each individual user.

Objectives of the AC Identity Management deployment:
  • Manage a multi-dimensional permission matrix affecting hundreds of users (employees, contractors or contractors) and multiple information systems,
  • Automation of both internal and external identity management,
  • increasing security, productivity, reducing the risk of data misuse,
  • integration of IDM with the Authority's systems.


  • Centralised and automated access control
  • Increased security, productivity, reduced risk of data misuse
  • Increase data availability for auditing and enhance traceability
  • Unification and increased transparency of processes
  • Control over processes and data, automation of frequent tasks
  • Self-service requests and approval workflows
  • Connection to other systems and data synchronisation


The AC Identity product was implemented to ensure unified registration and management of user accounts and access permissions. The AC Identity solution currently manages user identities in Active Directory and other systems and applications listed below.

Connected systems:

  • Active Directory
  • Vema Personnel System
  • GINIS, JIP and RPP
  • Certification Authority - PostSignum
  • VERA
  • Sharepoint
  • GEOVAP Social benefits

Used technologies

  • AC Identity - Identity and Access Management system


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