Implementation of collaborative platforms

They say one is too little and two is too much. But if you really need to work effectively with someone, you can't do this without well-established tools. We understand those requirements for both communication and data sharing.

Do you also consider e-mail to be a critical service?

We do, even if some customers do not see it that way. But try shutting it down for a day and see for yourself.

We see the electronic postal system as a pillar of communication and cooperation. That is why our proposals are based primarily on the reliable Microsoft Exchange Server, where working with mail is only part of its functionality. Only the addition of time scheduling and integration with other systems make it a platform for collaboration. The implementation of Microsoft Exchange Online is an integral part of the services we provide for our customers in the area of electronic mail. This provides organisations with options for increased communication security, protection against unwanted data leakage or tight integration to other cloud services in the Microsoft 365 world. And don't worry, we're also very experienced in migrating third-party data, including a variety of applications.

When file sharing is not enough, but you really want to collabora

The term file sharing usually means for a user an e-mail with an attachment. That is the best-case scenario. It may also be the case that the user uploads the file containing the work contract to a publicly available service because such a large file will not pass through the email. Both of these approaches present a potential problem – technical problem, but mainly security problem.

We can help you solve these problems. We are referring to the use of Microsoft 365 cloud services, specifically the SharePoint Online platform. Among other things, it enables centrally managed storage of company data and its security, including protection against leaks. It can also provide real-time editing of a single file by multiple users, including an excel spreadsheet!  And if even this is not enough, it offers the use of the MS Teams environment for enhanced collaboration and communication between users inside and outside your organization. But it's not just about these two platforms and certainly not just about technology deployment.

Based on our experience, we will guide you through the entire process of deciding whether cloud storage is appropriate, preparing and migrating your data, including training users on the new tools. That’s what we call collaboration.

Getting a customised app does not have to be expensive

The moment you have already started to adopt Microsoft 365 services in your organisation, you have some or all of your data stored in the cloud, and the door is open to use other tools. Especially if you need to enable your users in the field to capture data or handle their agenda. Do you need to ensure the circulation of documents with set rules for their approval according to your internal processes, or "just" consolidate data from multiple sources, visualize it and make it available on different types of devices? All these tasks can be fulfilled by using the tools of the Power platform, which significantly helps to shorten the time to achieve the final solution, i.e., the purchase price.


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