Digital Experience Management

Take control of the digital space and use data for quality customer experience management. Even for your successful web solution, we ensure that every interaction with your brand is relevant, personalized and effective.

Valid from: 07. 12. 2023

The importance of customer experience

Gartner company reports that digital experience helps 66% of companies achieve higher customer loyalty and 60% of companies see an increase in CVL (customer lifetime value).

And your success is also based on the best possible digital customer experience. Emotions and relationships are key, which is why you need to be a leader in customer experience. Capturing and leveraging customer behaviour data can be a challenge.

Common problems include a surplus of marketing automation tools, insufficient matching of data from various sources, and insufficient analysis of user behaviour. You struggle with a lack of content personalization, leading to generic content and inefficient content management processes. Unsynchronized content between digital channels causes you to lose context as well.

If you are facing these challenges, we offer a comprehensive digital experience management solution with Sitecore. With us, you get efficient content management, personalized communication and an integrated view of customer behaviour. Don't lose customers and move your brand forward by improving the customer experience.


  • Gaining increased customer loyalty
  • Reducing the number of customer churn
  • Higher customer lifetime value
  • Strengthening brand value
  • With us, you get a reliable team of developers to help your solution
  • We are a Sitecore Gold Partner with over 14 years of experience

Digital customer experience vs. customer experience

The digital customer experience (DCX) is inseparable from the all-encompassing customer experience (CX), which includes in-store and other interactions in the offline world. If CX is about showing empathy, building trust and human connections, DCX is the online expression of these efforts.

It is important to note that customers generally do not think about the different stages of their journey the way marketers do. Whether the interaction is physical or virtual, offline or online, people expect consistency in communication across all channels and throughout their journey with your brand. For them, it is all one experience with your brand. Make sure you have the skills and technical know-how to execute digital communications while ensuring a seamless transition between these overlapping offline and online worlds.

Cutting-edge Sitecore platform

For our cutting-edge solutions, we use the Sitecore platform, which is a stable leader according to Gartner reports. Thanks to Sitecore, our experience from international and domestic projects and a large team of developers, we will create a comprehensive web ecosystem for you, including integration to the information system:
  • analytics and measurement,
  • content personalisation options,
  • advanced content management across all online platforms,
  • performance monitoring and optimization,
  • integration of all communication channels into one cohesive digital experience,
  • data security and protection,
  • deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalise content and automate processes,
  • putting omnichannel into practice,
  • integration to information systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Central, SAP, Helios, K2 and others.
Transform your business from traditional paperwork to a modern omnichannel approach. By digitizing customer support, document handling and account creation, clients can solve everything in just a few clicks, without lengthy travel and waiting in line.

Connect your services with apps and marketing channels for maximum customer satisfaction. Unified communications allow delivery of prompts to complete registration or redeem discounts via social media, email or any other channel.

With Sitecore's platform, you can deliver personalized content to each of your users - like a discount on an item in an abandoned cart - and then watch your conversions increase by tens of percent. We are convinced that Sitecore will help improve your business results, too.


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