The road to the cloud

In the fast-paced world, success hinges on the cloud. It's not a matter of if but when and which part of your information system will be in the cloud. Let us guide you on this journey, supporting your future development.

Valid from: 18. 12. 2023

Why do we recommend an information system in the cloud?

We have been dealing with information systems and their implementation for over 30 years. Our consultants and architects have gained a lot of experience from various projects. Thanks to this we know that an information system in the cloud is the right choice for the future of your company.

The compelling arguments are:
  • Scalability and flexibility - cloud-based information systems enable you to quickly adapt capacity and resources to meet your current needs. You can easily scale up or down computing power and storage without having to invest in new hardware.
  • Rapid availability and innovation - with cloud infrastructure, you can quickly implement new features and applications and innovate your processes without waiting long periods of time to develop and deploy new hardware. Thanks to the continuous development of the solution, the Dynamics 365 information system is updated several times a year with new features. Cloud-based information systems natively use, or can be extended with, technologies such as Machine Learning, IoT, AI, Business Intelligence, Virtual Reality and more.
  • Reduce costs - by eliminating upfront infrastructure investments and reducing operational costs for managing hardware and software, you can achieve significant savings.
  • Security and reliability - cloud providers regularly update their services, which includes security patches and new features. You don't have to worry about the security of your own servers, saving you additional costs.

4 tips to watch out for when moving to the cloud

Moving to the cloud requires careful preparation and planning in many key areas.

In our view, the following are key considerations:
  1. Project preparation - it is necessary to carefully prepare the project, set clear business objectives and ensure effective communication throughout the company. An important step is to assemble a strong project team, including a motivated project manager, and ensure sufficient space for their work.
  2. Selection process - the key is to choose a suitable cloud platform and make a careful selection of vendors based on business expertise, cloud experience and ability to optimize the performance of the new information system. It is also essential to involve the ERP system manufacturer's representatives from the outset to achieve the best commercial terms.
  3. Implementation and project execution - it is important to start using the system as early as possible and develop it gradually to better understand its logic and achieve the optimal scope of subscription. Testing is a critical success factor.
  4. Operational support - it is essential to provide service support from the start, train users repeatedly and monitor system performance on an ongoing basis. Various factors need to be carefully considered when dealing with change requests and tracking the cost per subscription
Our experienced team of information systems experts will guide you through the entire cloud migration process, from prioritization and implementation to user training and system support.


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