Implementation methodology

Implementing new systems, training, creating e-shops or portals, and application development. Our projects follow proven methodologies, ensuring functional solutions tailored to your needs.

Valid from: 18. 12. 2023

Everything in one place thanks to digital implementation

With our approach, you will have all relevant documents and information in a central location for project management.

The digital implementation provides a signpost to all project agendas and includes a project portal for efficient management of project documentation, implementation documents, registers and communication matrices. With filtered views into all agendas, you get quick and clear access to important information.

Moreover, you get to operate the applications needed for the project directly from Microsoft Teams, which increases efficiency and transparency for all members of the implementation team and comfort for project management.


  • A practice-tested comprehensive set of procedures
  • Minimising risks during implementation
  • Minimise unnecessary modifications
  • Saving costs and time for your employees

What you get with our 4D implementation methodology?

We are gradually evolving our information systems implementation methodology to better match with the needs of the projects we implement and to take advantage of the latest technologies, procedures and experience.

The 4D - Diagnostic, Design, Development, Deployment methodology is based on a set of Microsoft implementation methodologies. Thanks to this, you will get:
  • a practice-validated comprehensive set of procedures, tools and documents for the implementation of the information system,
  • covering the entire implementation life cycle from initial specific requirements to the deployment of the production system,
  • minimising project risks arising from mutual misunderstanding,
  • maximizing the efficiency of the implementation project thanks to prepared templates and support tools.

Agile approach

With Dynamics 365 Agile, we respond to changes, new trends and changing customer requirements. The Agile principle is based on a continuous optimization, interactive and incremental process of information system implementation.

We work with you as a single unit, ensuring open communication and the achievement of a common goal. The agile approach enables us to manage the project flexibly, react quickly to requirements and achieve a higher quality for the final solution.

An agile approach to your project will bring you the following:
  • reduced implementation time,
  • early familiarisation and easier understanding of the new system,
  • greater control over the project,
  • continuous prioritization of functional requirements and the possibility of eliminating unnecessary ones,
  • minimisation of redundant documentation,
  • possibility of immediate reactions to changes taking place in the organisation or its environment,
  • responding to ongoing technology changes,
  • better implementation support for "cloud projects",
  • faster results and more effective change management,
  • cost savings.
The agile approach spreads risks over time and increases the added value of the project. We approach an agile project as a shared goal. We focus on the end product and overall customer satisfaction.

Proven process of creating web projects

Our certified experts will guide you through the entire implementation process. We use several steps for each web project:
  • We start with an Initial Analysis, where we examine your needs and expectations.
  • This is followed by the creation of a wireframe model and design. Engineers select the most appropriate development process and technology, which we describe in the Target Concept document.
  • We then move into development, where we follow an agile or waterfall approach.
  • Once complete, we test carefully before launching the solution into the production environment.
  • We remain on standby to respond quickly and efficiently to any complications.


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