High availability and disaster recovery for data centers

With requirements to minimize system and service outages, we design optimized data centres- servers, storage and networks. Along with non-IT technologies that ensure the environmental functions of the DC and a well-defined security policy, we talk about true high availability of the DC.

In addition to addressing redundancy within a single datacentre, we also implement high availability environments within two geographically separated datacentres. Such a solution can then ensure the operation of the company even in the event of a fire, natural disaster or other situation that has a critical impact on the entire or essential parts of one data centre. If necessary, the operation of one data centre is moved to the other, and the solution is then spread over the entire width of the site (two symmetrical data centres) in terms of complexity.

Another variant is the primary and DR data centre, where the entire IT traffic is always moved to the DR site in case of failure of the primary site (primary and DR data centres).


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