Networking DC / SDN, Loadbalancing

Communications in data centres are divided according to the direction of data exchange. Vertical communications are directed externally, horizontal communications take place between DC resources.

Communication directions in the data centre

Communication in data centres is divided according to the direction of data exchange. Vertical communication is directed externally, horizontal communication takes place between DC resources. Unified communication with storage, server virtualization or application containerization increase the volume of horizontal communication. The infrastructure is responding to this trend by changing both the topological arrangement of the active DC network elements and by moving to an L3 model. However, we are again spreading L2 units (vxlans) over it, among other things to separate resources within the shared virtual DC space of individual customers.

Software-defined networks

Software-defined networks (SDN) span the virtual world over a topology of active elements. Along with efficient management, orchestration and automation, it brings simplification to DC network management. SDNs work closely with the virtualization platform, are secure through segmentation at the virtual machine, container and application level, and can be enriched with partner extensions. Solutions newly designed into DCs must be prepared for this coming phenomenon.


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