Operational Technology Network Security (OT)

Medigate Device Security Platform (MDSP) identifies and profiles network-connected devices, analyses risks and automates their responses to keep hospital organizations secure and running efficiently.

Solution description

MDSP has unparalleled accuracy in connected healthcare device profiles, contextual anomaly detection and risk identification with a unique approach to decoding proprietary IoT protocols in the sub-area of healthcare-specific protocols. 

Actual data collected by MDSP solutions is used to identify precise risks and enable hospital organizations (HMOs) to enhance the cybersecurity of individual platforms or assets by developing effective policies. Thus, it not only brings visibility into IoT infrastructure but also serves to protect and optimize connected medical operations. 

Medigate combines knowledge of proprietary protocols, clinical workflows, and extensive cybersecurity expertise to provide accurate identification of connected devices, enforcing network-centric policies and operational efficiencies.


  • Continuous enforcement of protective and preventive safety policies on individual medical devices. 
  • Reduction of security vulnerabilities and risks associated with successful cyber-attacks. 
  • Preventing the spread of infections to the rest of the infrastructure. 
  • Gathering useful information about IoMT management and the IoT-connected devices.

Visibility, statistics and anomaly detection

The core function of MDSP is accurate and detailed visibility of all connected devices. Within hours of connecting to the IoT infrastructure (via a TAP or SPAN port), Medigate passively identifies the device and begins providing accurate and detailed information about IoT and medical devices connected to the network. 

MDSP offers the following primary functionalities: 
  • Anomaly detection and alerting - identifies risks, including plaintext logins, unencrypted personal health information (PHI), vulnerabilities and outdated versions. 
  • Network communication mapping - maps relationships between devices (world map, communication matrix, VLAN matrix, and more). 
  • Threat Intelligence - provides customized indicators of compromise specific to healthcare and network-identified devices. 
  • Vulnerability Assessment - MDSP passively assesses and correlates IoT and IoMT device vulnerabilities without the need for login credentials. 
The solution is further extended by three modules, which expand the primary level with more detailed, specific attributes and information that make the resulting outputs of the solution more accurate. These modules are Clinical Cyber Hygiene, Network Policy Management and Clinical Device Efficiency. 


Medigate provides the most extensive platform integration capability in the medical industry and enables you to easily extend your existing security infrastructure into an established healthcare environment. It can deliver all of the information it collects, such as established device profiles and risk information for improved decision making, to NGFW, NAC, SIEM, CMMS and many others.

It all starts with a detailed identification of each medical device in the network. Using deep packet inspection, Medigate provides unique identifiers for each device, including configuration, usage, performance and location. The ability to tag medical devices by feature type, supplier and model name enables more detailed policy management capabilities. Medigate also ensures that tags remain up-to-date by constantly monitoring changes in device network characteristics, such as IP address and the software version itself.


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