Endpoint Device Protection (EDR, EPP)

To ensure endpoint protection, it's no longer enough to use classic EndPoint Protection (EPP) solutions to focus mainly on the malicious code itself. It's also crucial to look at the overall behavior of the malware. Hence the EDR.

Solution description

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) enhances the ability to identify, monitor and respond to suspicious activity on endpoint devices such as workstations, servers and mobile devices. This type of security solution enables real-time monitoring of application, process and user behaviour to alert on potential anomalies or dangerous actions. This enables the security team to quickly identify new, unknown threats and take the necessary steps to avoid them.

EDR products often work with other security technologies such as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and XDR (Extended Detection and Response) systems. Which can also be found in our portfolio.

Services offered

The services we are able to provide beyond the EDR implementation are as follows:
  • Training and Education: Providing training and education for the organization's IT and security teams to effectively learn how to use and manage the EDR product. This includes training on threat detection, attack analysis and incident response.
  • Monitoring and Analysis: dedicated 24/7 endpoint monitoring and analysis services. Teams of analysts monitor endpoint activity, look for unusual patterns of behaviour, and perform in-depth analysis of suspicious activity.
  • Forensic Analysis. Teams perform in-depth forensic analysis to determine how the attack took place, what the consequences were, and how to prevent it happening in the future.
  • Policy and rules management: Regularly update and manage policies and rules for threat detection and response. This includes optimizing the EDR product settings according to the organization's current threat environment.
  • Integration and Consulting: Services dedicated to integrating the EDR product with the organization's other security tools and infrastructure. Consulting helps organizations effectively integrate EDR with other components of the security ecosystem.
The above-mentioned services help ensure that an organization can make the best use of an EDR product to effectively protect its endpoint devices from cyber threats.


  • Detection of exploits, common and fileless malware, zero-day malware
  • Analysis of running processes
  • Detection of attacks that use legitimate tools (e.g. Powershell or WMI)
  • Detection of attacks using MITRE ATT&CK techniques
  • Inspection of executed commands via CMD and Powershell
  • Detecting and blocking an attacker's attempt to penetrate the endpoint
  • Creating custom YARA rules
  • IoCs search tool


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