Cloud Environment Security (CASB, API Security)

Cloud Security refers to the broad range of policies, technologies, applications and controls used to protect virtualized IP addresses, data, applications, services and related cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Access Security Broker

A CASB is a software tool or service that resides between an organization's infrastructure and the cloud provider's infrastructure. A CASB enables the organization to extend the reach of its security policies beyond its own infrastructure to the cloud services. CASB ensures that network traffic between devices on the company's network and the cloud provider meets the organization's security policies, monitors cloud applications as they are used, identifies application and user risk, and other critical key risk factors.

Based on this information, it can allow or block access to cloud services, or enforce a variety of security features ranging from antimalware scanning, encryption and device profiling to data and access protection. The technology is deployed either on a gateway that monitors traffic from the company's network to cloud services or through APIs in the most widely used cloud services such as O365, Salesforce and others.


  • Cloud application monitoring
  • Access to cloud application audit trails
  • Control access to cloud applications


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