Safety first

Ensure Microsoft Dynamics 365 security with our assistance. We prioritize data protection, user privacy, and operational stability for your peace of mind.

Valid from: 18. 12. 2023

We keep your data safe

All Microsoft Dynamics 365 information systems projects and implementations use one of the most secure and redundant data centres in the world to protect stored data. All data stored on Azure servers is encrypted and adheres to ISO 27018 protocols. Your data is stored in a logically isolated data repository, ensuring its full security and integrity.

Machine learning (ML) and automated processes are used to detect, prevent, and remediate attacks using data and behavioural analytics. Importantly, your information stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will never be shared with third parties for marketing or advertising purposes. Your high-level security is our priority. Microsoft also leverages a highly specialized group of security experts, known as the Red Team, to strengthen threat detection and defence of the enterprise cloud services.


  • The cloud service provider takes care of information system security and with full data protection
  • Ensuring the highest possible security standards
  • Reliable data backup and constant system updates
  • High service availability
  • Meeting EU requirements for data storage and management

Enhancing Dynamic 365 Data Security: 5 Key Features

Use multi-factor authentication
Within Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA). Two-factor authentication involves something the user knows (a password) and something the user has (for example, a one-time code from a mobile app or SMS). Two independent forms of authentication, greatly improving the security of your data.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) standard
Secure your Microsoft Dynamics network connections with Transport Layer Security (TLS). This is the key to protecting your data and the trustworthiness of our services. You get encrypted communications, your data is safe, and you comply with regulations. This increases trust, protects privacy and resists hacker attacks.

Role-based security
This feature enables your administrators to assign selected roles to a specific area where users can access and where they are allowed to take actions. This allows you to restrict access to sensitive data, information and features. Beware of assigning rights and access to users based on their responsibilities. By assigning too many permissions, you can erode control over your information system security.

Monitor user activity
Using the Audit Logs feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can get a complete overview of activities and changes in the system. This includes tracking data, access, and security. This feature helps to enhance security, comply with regulations, resolve issues, and protect data. You will appreciate its use when dealing with security incidents in the information system.

Zero Trust Module
Also known as the Zero Trust model introduced in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures is a key element in protecting data and systems in Dynamics 365. Under this model, all elements, including users, devices, applications, and networks, are considered potentially untrustworthy. This means that every access and request must be authenticated and secured. This minimizes risk and increases security in an environment where threats are ever-present.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is the first cloud provider to be recognised by the European Union data protection authorities and to comply with strict EU data protection laws.

Microsoft Azure infrastructure resists attacks and provides encrypted communications. User identity and access are managed through Azure Active Directory, enabling multi-factor authentication for secure access. Azure uses industry standards for data encryption, and its network infrastructure prevents unauthorized access.

Data protection
Your data belongs to you, and Microsoft protects it. You own your data and can access it at any time. Microsoft does not use your data for advertising purposes. The applicable legal process is always followed for requests from government authorities, and you are notified of any data transfers.

Transparency and compliance
Microsoft Azure complies with international and industry standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP and more. Our services are subject to regular third-party audits, ensuring compliance with security standards. All customer data in the cloud is under your control, enabling you to have a clear view of the security and protection of your data.

The flexibility and availability of Azure
Microsoft Azure lets you scale services as needed, allowing you to pay only for what you actually use. Azure provides an SLA for every service offered with a minimum availability of 99.90%, ensuring that your applications are always available. In addition, Azure is able to support very high availability up to 99.99% for demanding applications.

Your security and data protection are our priority when implementing Dynamics 365.


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