Citizen Portal for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

The start of the digital transformation of public administration, where end users can access the state's electronic services from anywhere and at any time.

Realization 2018 - 2020

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The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic is the central state administration body for internal affairs. These are mainly public order, registration and necessary data on the state's inhabitants, travel and personal documents and other internal affairs. Among other things, the Ministry of the Interior is also responsible for providing the telecommunications network for the Police of the Czech Republic and for cooperation within the international organisation Interpol.

With the deployment of the modern Citizen Portal solution, the digital transformation of public administration is really taking off. In the form of the portal, end users gain central access to the state's electronic services from anywhere and at any time online.

Roman Vrba


Baseline and project objectives

The Citizen's Portal is a project of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and the design of a suitable starting point is intended to meet the basic objectives of the eGovernment strategy. That is, to bring key services online in order to facilitate and simplify access to public administration services in digital form for citizens.

The main objective of the project was to create a gateway to the government's electronic services through which citizens could communicate securely and confidentially with the government. It is mainly about simplifying access to online services of all public authorities and linking digital services so that the citizen can find everything clearly in one place. Using the Citizen Portal, the user is able to find data such as a driver's score sheet, information on incapacity for work, filing a tax return, a criminal record extract, access to eReception and other information related to social security services. The Citizen's Portal is accessible for logging in using an eCard, data box, STARCOS smart card or name, password and SMS.


  • A central point for citizen access to electronic government services
  • Online availability
  • Linkage with eCitizen, data boxes, basic registers, eGSB
  • Use of complex integration approaches
  • Powerful, flexible, secure, open and user-friendly solution
  • Use of the cloud (MS Azure) enabling rapid deployment of new releases and scaling of performance
  • An open platform allowing citizens to communicate remotely with all state, municipal, city and even EU authorities in the future


The Citizen's Portal was designed from the beginning with the intention of meeting the requirement to create an efficient, flexible and secure solution that would also be user-friendly and would allow citizens easy access to electronic state services. The successful implementation of the Citizen's Portal was mainly due to the use of state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies.

The entire solution is built and operated on the principle of the so-called hybrid cloud on Microsoft Azure. MS Azure technology also opened the way for the use of open-source technologies, for deploying applications in the form of self-contained containers - Docker and a tool for container orchestration - Kubernetes. The portal itself is developed in ASP.NET Core and uses complex integration approaches that AUTOCONT a.s. has applied in key public administration projects such as the Information System of Basic Registers (ISZR) and eGon Service Bus (eGSB).

The Citizen's Portal, with its concept and scope, is becoming a unique project that has a significant positive impact on improving the use of digital services and making these services available to every citizen of the Czech Republic.

This project is a key project in the overall digital transformation of public administration and is also technologically unique with the use of the latest Microsoft technologies based on open-source solutions.

It was launched by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic on 8 July 2018 and new services are gradually being added. In the years to come, citizens can look forward to the possibility of secure remote communication with all state administration bodies, municipalities, cities and even with EU authorities. Confirmed operations will be able to be carried out on a computer or via a mobile application. The citizen portal is also closely linked to eCitizen, data boxes, basic registers and the eGSB integration bus, etc.

Used technologies

  • Microsoft Azure platform (hybrid cloud set-up)
  • Microsoft Azure Container registries - using open-source Docker
  • Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service - leveraging open-source Kubernetes
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure Key Vault
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services
  • ASP.NET Core


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