Access networks (switching, routing, Wi-Fi, security)

The basis of the computer network are switches and routers, which are primarily used to connect end stations in the LAN network, servers and data storage in data centres or to create WAN networks connecting remote sites.

The basis of a quality network

The basis of a quality network are elements with sufficient performance and high reliability. Equally important is the design of the network itself, the choice and correct configuration of appropriate protocols and their parameters so that the network best serves the purposes for which it is built.

Place yourself in the hands of professionals

Thanks to our long-term experience in building small local networks as well as large networks for large data centres, we will be happy to advise you on the choice of products, prepare a suitable design and our certified experts will also carry out their own implementation and configuration of the entire network. We deploy centrally managed solutions in all WIFI network installations. According to the customer's requirements, we select the appropriate technologies.


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