Hybrid and AllFlash data storage

The performance and low latency requirements of data storage are constantly increasing, so the most common storage configurations today are AllFlash storage with NVMe drives. These are the most powerful type of data storage that have controllers with high throughput and availability. NVMe drives are usually connected directly to the PCI bus and the latency of such storage devices is in the order of hundreds or even tens of microseconds.

Combined with de-duplication and compression, we can use storage capacity efficiently and more effectively than with traditional spinning disks. Nevertheless, we still occasionally reach for the so-called hybrid variant, where we use the aforementioned spinning disks in addition to the fast SSD layer. This is normally the case when we need a really large capacity for "slow" data and at the same time at a more affordable price.

Whichever type of data storage is suitable for your organisation, we will be happy to help.


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