Network Access Control (NAC, NDR)

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions enable IT to allow or prevent users and devices from accessing resources on the network.

Why is it important to have a NAC?

As organizations must account for the exponential increase in mobile devices accessing their networks and the security risks they bring, it is important to have tools that provide visibility, access control, and compliance capabilities needed to strengthen your network security infrastructure. A NAC system can deny non-compliant devices access to the network, quarantine them, or provide only limited access to computing resources, preventing unsecured nodes from infecting the network.
NAC solutions help organizations manage access to their networks through the following features:
  • Profiling and visibility: recognizes and profiles users and their devices before malicious code can cause harm.
  • Guest network access: Manage guests through a customizable self-service portal that includes guest registration, guest authentication, guest sponsorship, and a guest management portal.
  • Security Health Check: Evaluates security policy compliance by user type, device type, and operating system.
  • Incident Response: Mitigates network threats by enforcing security policies that block, isolate, and patch non-compliant hosts without the need for administrator attention.
  • Two-way integration: Integrate with other security and networking solutions through open/RESTful APIs.


  • Controlled network access
  • Guest access management
  • Unified rules for multiple connection types - VPN, LAN, WIFI


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