Digital Threat Management (EASM, TI, brand protection)

We will provide you with a crucial advantage in the fight against cyber threats, helping to protect your brand and reputation while minimizing potential risks or losses.

List of digital threat management services

In today's cyber environment, it is essential to have a detailed overview and proactive approach to security, whether it is external attacks, brand misuse or awareness of the world of cybersecurity. Digital Threat Management offers you the solutions you need to protect your organisation from ever-changing threats.
  • External Attack Surface Management (EASM)
  • Threat Intelligence (TI)
  • Brand Protection
  • Vulnerability Identification and Resolution
  • Digital Asset Monitoring
  • Immediate incident response
  • Continuous monitoring and intelligence
Below we will further describe each of the recommended solutions.

Solution description

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)
External Attack Surface Management systematically maps and monitors an organisation's publicly available digital resources, including servers, domains and cloud services, and analyses them for security risks and vulnerabilities.

Threat Intelligence (TI)
Provides in-depth analysis and information on current and potential cyber threats. The service uses advanced analytical tools to detect, classify and prioritize threats in real time. This helps organizations anticipate and efficiently respond to threats.

Brand Protection
Identifies unauthorized use of content associated with your brand. This includes corporate trademarks, logos and products on digital platforms. The solution takes steps to remove or stop them.

Identifies and addresses vulnerabilities
This service continuously scans digital assets for vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by cyber attackers. Aricoma helps with the process of addressing vulnerabilities, thereby minimizing the risks of compromise.

Digital asset monitoring
Aricoma analysts continuously monitor public and private databases, forums and social media to determine if sensitive information about the organization is being shared inappropriately. Our surveillance also monitors an organization's digital assets to detect anomalies, unauthorized changes, or adverse events.

Immediate incident response
In the event of a security incident, Aricoma's team is ready to respond immediately, minimize damage and to begin the crucial recovery process.

Continuous monitoring and reporting
We provide regular updates and reports on the current state of security to keep executives on top of potential threats and risks.

The benefits of digital threat management

Proactive defence
Through continuous monitoring and intelligence, Digital Threat Management provides the tools and information needed to proactively detect and deter potential threats before they cause damage, instead of reacting to incidents as they happen. This allows organisations to adapt their security strategies to current threats, ensuring they are always one step ahead of cyber attackers.

By combining EASM, TI and brand protection, we provide organizations with a detailed view of their digital assets and potential threats, enabling faster and more effective decision-making on the next step requirements.

Reputation and brand protection
Unauthorized use of brand, counterfeit or malicious content can seriously damage customer trust. By managing digital threats, we help identify and address such threats, protecting reputation and brand value.

Reducing the risk of financial loss
Proactively managing and monitoring digital threats can prevent financial losses caused by cyber-attacks, fines for failing to ensure data security, or loss of business due to a compromised reputation.

Flexibility and scalability
Digital Threat Management is an easily scalable solution that enables organizations to efficiently expand and adjust their security capabilities and digital asset monitoring to meet current needs and threats.


  • We will provide you with an advantage in the fight against cyber threats.
  • We will help protect your brand and reputation.
  • We minimize potential risks or losses.


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