Data Leakage Protection (DLP)

With DLP, you get an overview of the flow of all data in your organisation. Protect your sensitive information from targeted attack and unwanted removal.

Solution description

DLP can monitor data on end stations as well as on servers, even while it is being transmitted over the network. Thanks to its deployment, you will effectively prevent data leakage or loss, whether through external media such as flash drives, USB, external drives, etc., or when sending data by e-mail, sharing it on a web network or through printing activities.


  • You will have visibility of all sensitive data flows.
  • You will get the possibility of passive monitoring and active intervention.
  • Automate the search and "clean-up" of sensitive data from open storage.
  • Prevent potential data leaks and financial losses.
  • Meet legislative requirements.
  • You will preserve the reputation that you have built over many years.

What you get by deploying a DLP solution?

Protection of sensitive data
DLP prevents the leakage of sensitive information such as customer personal data, company strategy, or intellectual property. It helps prevent unauthorized access or leakage of critical data.

Compliance with regulations and standards
Many industries and regions have strict regulations regarding data protection. Implementing DLP helps you comply with regulations and avoid potential fines for non-compliance.

Prevent data leaks
Security incidents such as data leaks can cause you significant damage, including financial loss and reputational damage. DLP minimises this risk.

Internal security controls
You may be exposed to internal threats, such as employees unknowingly leaking information. DLP enables you to monitor and restrict access to data, even to members within your organization.

Intellectual property protection
For many businesses, intellectual property is a key asset. DLP helps you protect your company's know-how, designs, patents and other intellectual property from unauthorized access and theft.

Risk management
Implementing DLP enables you to proactively manage data-related risks and minimize the likelihood of security incidents.

Preserving reputation and trust
You will gain effective protection of sensitive information and not lose trust with your customers. 

Monitor data activity
DLP provides tools to monitor data activity in your organization, which can lead to faster identification of potential security threats.


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