Localization for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Our localization solution includes everything you need to use Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly, taking into account the legislative specifics of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Valid from: 18. 12. 2023

Develop Dynamics 365 for your needs

Localisation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a key element for successful implementation in different countries, that will enable you to use the information system in a consistent manner, while at the same time following local rules and regulations. This ensures that Dynamics 365 can be effectively deployed in different global markets and become a central tool for managing an organization's business internationally.

Our localization packages include templates, configurations and settings that comply with local regulations. They can be installed and configured to simplify the localization process. We continuously update our solutions according to legal regulations and regulations. This will always keep your system audit and tax compliant.

To improve the use of your information system, we have created packages that extend the Dynamics 365 information system. These are based on best practices and our know-how gained from many implementation projects and information system administration practical experience.


  • Quickly implementable localization package for the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Updated solution compliant with legal regulations and regulations
  • Solution built on the experience and expertise of the team

Localization and extensions for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers a modern and cloud-based information system for small and medium-sized companies looking for a simple and easily customizable solution with comprehensive coverage of their needs and an intuitive user experience.

Our Financial Pack solution extends the financial functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central with the following features for Czech legislation and best practices such as CreditCheck, hierarchical pricing, payment calendars, payment order accumulation, exchange rate management, VAT deduction reduction, VAT registration in multiple countries, debt recovery. Support for creating factoring contracts, introduction of multiple payment methods on sales notes, packaging records and much more. For more about Financial Pack, visit AppSource.

Our Productivity Pack solution will help you improve your productivity in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This brings modules for document referencing, status management, WMS for warehouse efficiency, sending electronic documents, facilitating two-way communication between systems, recording and managing tools in the production process or even a module for efficient recording and management of claims. More about Productivity Pack can be found on AppSource.

For the Slovak Republic, we bring the SK Language Pack and SK Legislative Pack localization packs, which will add value to your system for your operation internationally on one information system platform.

Localization and extensions for Dynamics 365 Finance

Our localization solution for Dynamics 365 Finance enables you to fully control and activate all or selected features of the delivered solution for Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Our packages extend and streamline standard finance functionality.

With our solutions for Dynamics 365 Finance, you will get improved financial management in your organization. They include:
  • registration of tax identification numbers, enhanced information on VAT transactions and tax compliance,
  • enhanced functionality for VAT reporting, control reporting and OSS reporting,
  • enhanced functionality such as importing opening balances, checking foreign currency balances and exporting VAT transactions,
  • in the field of tangible investments, the solution includes an audit report to compare accounting and tax depreciation, migration of asset transactions without recording historical transactions,
  • audit reports check balances of receivables, payables and VAT transactions against the main account,
  • bank communication supports payment orders and bank statements according to Czech and Slovak practices,
  • functionality for recording and subsequent reallocation of cumulative costs/income,
  • for the Slovak market we offer extended functionality for VAT reporting, control reporting, list of EU sales and Intrastat. By connecting to public registers, you get quick access to important information.
With our localization packages for Dynamics 365 Finance, you get a wide range of features and extensions that enable you to customize and optimize the system to your requirements. Plus, we give you the flexibility and control over which features to activate. Let our packages increase your efficiency and simplify your finance work.


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