Automated Security Validation Platforms

The most frequent verification of the level of security and business continuity are various forms of penetration testing. How does your organisation address this topic?

Regular repetition and challenges for pentesters

Most methodologies, legislation and especially practice say that it is necessary to perform testing repeatedly, preferably at regular intervals determined by one's own security policy or legislative requirements. In addition to the financial burden, this places requirements on organisations to provide pentesters, i.e. people or companies that provide these services. Due to the overlap in demand, their capacity is very often limited or exhausted.

Deployment of Automated Security Validation

Even penetration testing can also have its own defined rules, scenarios, techniques and tactics. Automated Security Validation (ASV) platforms use these procedures to simulate the work of a real pentester. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, they are able to react in various acute situations and use the sequence of techniques and tactics used for cyber-attacks available within the open Mittre At&ck Framework.

They will then evaluate their actions and provide a picture of their progress and eventual success. Their advantage is the speed of conducting and, most importantly, evaluating the results. This makes it possible to run such continuous tests virtually, but above all efficiently and repeatedly.

By using possible integrations, e.g. with SIEM tools or Vulnerability Management (VMS), it is also possible to ensure controlled and regular remediation of discovered deficiencies.


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