Raising security awareness (e-learning, training)

We offer you an e-learning online platform for employee training or prepare a range of information security training courses based on your needs, suitable from ordinary users and IS administrators to top management.

Boost the human factor, the weakest link in information security

Perhaps all security experts agree that users are currently the weakest element of information security in an organization. This is not only because users generally do not like to read guidelines and therefore do not comply with their regulations, but also because they often like to experiment and thus commit a number of major security breaches. So, how can we effectively ensure that users know the security rules and behave according to them? By constantly and consistently instilling basic safety rules and work habits.

The solution to the situation outlined above can be tailor-made training for an organisation, tailored to the specific requirements for users of a certain specific level. Our consultants are able to offer and implement security training for both the basic level of ordinary users and for the advanced level of managers, security administrators or internal auditors. Training content can be customized based on the organization's current security documentation. The content and scope of the course are fully consulted with the client. The created presentation is provided to the client for comments prior to the actual implementation of the training. The client receives the study materials containing the presentation in electronic form. The training can also be implemented in the form of e-learning in addition to the face-to-face form.

Educational platform

With short, user-friendly videos, your employees will learn everything they need to know about information security, how to protect information and how to prevent leaks.

Each course concludes with a knowledge test that provides immediate feedback to the participant and gives management a complete overview of the overall level of security awareness within the organization. Based on the analytical results, you can quickly and accurately identify weaknesses and take follow-up remedial action.

Video tutorials:
  • ​Safe network behaviour
  • Surfing the internet safely
  • E-mail security
  • Security outside the office
  • Mobile device security
  • Passwords safely
  • Deleting and shredding information
  • Data storage on USB
  • Information Classification
  • Employee response to a security incident
  • Phishing
  • Data Protection Basics

Social Engineering:
  • Introduction to the most common attacks
  • Technological attacks
  • Physical attacks

Choose the solution that suits you

We adapt to your needs and expectations
You can order a customized course according to your needs and customize the user experience with your company logo and colours.

Providing courses with our platform
Connect to our platform and you can start the entire training process in no time. We will train your administrator, who will then be able to import and manage users, assign courses, create reports, schedule the training process and send email notifications. All with our qualified support and maintenance.

Providing courses to your platform
Do you have your own platform and only want to use yours for training? You can! We will deliver the courses in a format that makes them easy to deploy to your required learning platform.

Create a secure culture in your company
An e-learning platform is only part of the process to create safety awareness in your company. To support this goal, we also offer our other related services:
  • phishing campaigns,
  • social engineering tests,
  • creation of posters and other graphics,
  • on-site training.​


  • You will increase the awareness of ICT users and reduce the risk of security incidents.
  • Have fun with engaging animated videos lasting 6-8 minutes in length.
  • Video tutorials are available in Czech, Slovak, English and German language.
  • The courses end with a test to verify the knowledge gained.
  • Get a clear report on usage of the course training as well as the results of the final tests.
  • Access to webinars organized by us, responding to the current cyber situation.
  • Courses are created directly by IT security specialists.


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