Business Continuity Management (BCM, BIA, DRP)

We can help you identify key business processes and the vital personnel involved. We'll not only point out the vital ICT infrastructure elements, but also the key elements your business could not continue without during an event.

Business Continuity Management

We can help you create recovery plans in case anything goes unexpectedly wrong. And if something does go wrong, we can help you manage the crisis. We have an immense deal of experience with this, and you will find the conclusive results in our testimonials. Protecting your organisation's key processes in the event of their disruption or loss due to an accident, natural disaster or security incident.

Business Continuity Management is the strategic and tactical capability of an organization. The objective of BCM is to develop contingency and recovery plans that, along with the implementation of technical and system measures, will ensure the continuity and recovery of the organisation's key processes at a pre-determined minimum level in the event of their disruption or loss due to an accident, natural disaster or security incident.

Benefits of BCM

In the event of a disaster or major security incident, BCM will significantly help to ensure the efficient and rapid recovery of the organisation's key processes, including ICT operations, without negatively impacting the fulfilment of established business objectives, contractual obligations and commitments to customers.

When implementing BCM, we follow the requirements of international standards ISO 22301, BS 25777, ISO/IEC 27001 and other internationally recognised methodologies.

Case study

Within five hours, the investment group restored its data centre, which it was previously unable to complete even within a few days. A multinational investment group suffered an overnight crash at the data centre that served all its branches. In the crash, it was quickly discovered that there was no workable crisis scenario and it was likely that the data centre services could not be restored to their normal working capacity.

The company immediately contacted us for assistance and by the morning of the following day, our team was on site and involved in restoring the data centre. Immediately while repairing the damage, we collected data to reduce the negative impact of similar situations in the future.

Our BCM consultants helped define responsibilities for coordinating the emergency response teams with the help of a crisis committee at the local level. We developed emergency plans and prepared test scenarios so that the plans could be effectively validated in the future. The company could now recover the data centre according to these plans in as little time as five hours.


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