Data encryption

Encryption is nowadays one of the most basic tools used to protect data from misuse. Encrypted information is only accessible to whoever has the key.  Today, a variety of encryption tools are available that enable data to be protected at different levels.

As a standard, we can consider whole disk encryption, which protects data on computers, mobile devices or USB flash drives from loss or theft. 

If we want to protect data within a local network or securely transfer data between business partners, file and folder encryption and email encryption tools can help. In addition to encryption, they also enable you to define access rights to this data.

However, encryption cannot be applied without an initial data classification that defines how to handle different data categories. It can, however, be effectively combined with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems. Thanks to this connection, it is possible to ensure the protection of data both inside and outside the company and to keep track of its movement.


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