system Interoperability

Our competencies and years of experience make us a leader in information sharing and services in the healthcare industry. We are involved in sharing healthcare information and connecting and automating healthcare and related agendas.

Why to share medical records

Medical records sharing is an important tool that helps improve care for patients, leads to lower healthcare costs and facilitates information sharing both between institutions and between healthcare facilities and their clients.

It is a process that is evolving rapidly and has the potential to revolutionise the way healthcare communication is done, with implications for the entire European Union. Last but not least, medical records sharing is a tool that increases the security of patient data and leads to the elimination of stressful situations that arise when a patient has to transfer information between doctors.


Knowledge of the eGSB/ISSS system
  • Connection to ISZR
  • Connection to the Citizen Portal
  • Knowledge of the legislative framework
  • Many years of experience in the field

What we can do

We can provide integration into many systems of state institutions, starting with the information system of shared services ISSS/eGSB, which forms a gateway to the data pool of the state administration or connection to the basic registers of the ISZR.

We can provide interfaces to ISSS interface agendas, such as flat tax, for health insurance companies and the GFD. We create a link between the communication of health insurance companies and the Social Security Administration.

Thanks to the cooperation on the development of the Citizen Portal, we can implement the integration of this tool, obtain access to the vaccination portal or gain access to eRecept (ePrescription) and other services.

We manage the eNeschopenka (eSickness certificate) application, portal and mobile applications of health insurance companies, Tečka and čTečka application.

Shared Service Information System

The "Shared Service Information System" interface is the preferred and key platform for the exchange of information and services between government entities. It is used by these entities to communicate, making it a tool with high potential for digitization and automation.

Citizen Portal

As the citizen's main entry point to government services, the Citizen Portal provides access to a range of health services and applications:
  • Electronic prescription and eRecept (ePrescription), ePoukaz (eVoucher)
  • Medical records of the National Contact Point for electronic healthcare
  • Portals of health insurance companies VZP, OZP, ČPZP, ZPMV
  • Vaccination portal

Portal and mobile applications

Our portal and mobile apps for health insurance companies provide online services and information to the insured persons. Thanks to this, the insured can easily handle the vast majority of agendas from the comfort of their own home.

Thanks to the features of our apps, health insurance companies fulfil their obligations regarding the time and location of healthcare. By healthcare statement, they inform the insured persons about the care provided and thus also support their required control tasks.

We have developed and operate the Tečka and čTečka apps for insured persons, which are used by citizens across the EU to present the so-called EU Covid digital certificate. We are currently part of a team preparing the extension of the čTečka application to a fully-fledged vaccination card.

Health insurance companies' communication interface

We can integrate the operational systems of health insurance companies with the state and public administration systems, such as the Ministry of Health, ÚZIS (Institute of Health Information and Statistics), VZP, CRP, Capitation Centre, MF GFD, MF GCD, Social Security Administration, SÚKL (State Institute for Drug Control), ISZR, CMÚ (Health Insurance Office), with the Insolvency and Commercial Register, and also with the ZP portal.


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