Privileged Identity and Access Management

Secure your organization's critical infrastructure with our Aricoma ID PIM/PAM privileged account management system to minimize the risk of cyber threats.

What is the PIM solution for

PIM service allows you to use role activation, which is subject to time constraints and an approval process requirement.
It reduces the risks associated with overly broad access rights to sensitive resources in the organisation that can be abused and misused.

PIM makes such privileged accounts even more secure by being able to enforce policy options such as multi-factor authentication.


  • Increase the level of security of the organisation's critical infrastructure
  • Easy implementation thanks to a local team of specialists
  • Swift integration with most business systems
  • Comprehensive access role management
  • Audit monitoring system
  • Monitoring of the organization's internal and external administrators

How will PAM help you

People are the weakest element in system security, and privileged accounts pose a significant risk to your organisation. PAM will provide security teams with the tools to identify malicious activity resulting from authorization abuse and take immediate action to eliminate the risk. A PAM solution can ensure that employees have only the necessary levels of access to get the job done.

A PAM solution identifies the people, processes and technologies that require privileged access and determines the policies that apply to them.

The two primary cases of the use of Privileged Access Management function are preventing login theft and achieving the proper level of compliance.

How PIM/PAM Aricoma ID works

The PIM/PAM solution is used to manage privileged accounts over the critical infrastructure of corporate systems.

PIM/PAM increases the level of security in the area of access permission management for internal and external administrators.

The tool ensures separation of administrators from privileged accounts. Privileged accounts are managed by the PIM/PAM system, and administrators, after logging into the PIM/PAM system based on the settings and policy, which can use a mediated login to the managed system using the privileged account. At the same time, all of the administrator activity is immutably logged.

The tool provides automatic periodic password rotation for the managed privileged accounts.

PIM/PAM is used to manage and monitor the activities of both external and internal infrastructure and critical infrastructure administrators.

Detailed monitoring process

A detailed audit of the use and activity of privileged accounts is a critical area.

Activity is recorded by recording user sessions using a so-called "jump server" - screen capturing and key-logging.

Each action (keystroke, screen change, etc.) of a privileged account is recorded in a video format and is uniquely assigned to a specific person.

The recordings are securely transmitted to a central storage facility where they are stored for an extended period of time that can be contextually searched.

Such recordings will be the key evidence that can be used to prove unambiguously all of the user's activities.

Providing an audit trail of privileged account management is also a key integral part of the system.

Comprehensive management of privileged accounts

The system provides comprehensive management of privileged identities (accounts, users) and secure management of their passwords and SSH keys and ensures personalization of shared accounts.

The system also provides Segregation of Duties and Dual Control.


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